5 Floral decoration ideas to go green this Diwali

Updated on Nov 12, 2020 11:12 PM IST  |  1.2M
5 Floral decoration ideas to go green this Diwali
5 Floral decoration ideas to go green this Diwali

It is that time of the year when everybody is busy putting up lights, buying rangoli colours, cooking sweets, and prepping for Diwali. Right before the festival, we all get busy cleaning the house, making scrumptious meals and decorating our houses for the big day. This time, let the flowers do the talking and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.


This year, with various Diwali melas being cancelled, all of us are a bit lost as to how to decorate our houses. Worry not, we can always trust flowers to cheer us up and bring freshness and colour to our festival. So, here are some ideas to go green this Diwali and have your decoration game on point with the help of fresh and fragrant flowers. 



Don’t buy torans this year, instead use flowers to decorate the entrance of your house. Put different flowers in a string together and hang them at the entrance. 


Fill some water in an urli (decorative bowl) and put fresh flowers like rose, marigold and jasmine in it to give your house a traditional, vibrant touch.


Flower centrepiece

Decorate your centre table with a bouquet of flowers or put flowers in glasses and arrange those glasses in an upside-down manner to innovatively style your centre table.

Flower Rangoli

Instead of buying rangoli colours, you can fill your design with flower petals or even make an arrangement of flowers outside your house to give the traditional rangoli an eco-friendly twist.


Temple Decor

To decorate the temple for the Diwali puja, hang marigold garlands around the temple and put some fresh and colourful flowers near the Gods.

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