5 Home décor tips to create a positive vibe and alleviate your mood amid COVID 19 second wave

We all are in a severe stress thinking about the result of this second wave of COVID 19. So, to destress yourself create a positive vibe in your abode and improve your mood with these home décor tips from Aatika Manzar, Founder-Director at Aatika Manzar Designs.
Home decor tips for a positive vibe 5 Home décor tips to create a positive vibe and alleviate your mood amid COVID 19 second wave
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The pandemic has forced all of us within the bounds of our homes and though the first time around, everyone was a bit more positive and resilient towards fatigue, one cannot expect a similar reserve of energy after a year for the same, as confinement even if limited to our own homes can start weighing heavy on your senses. Even though the situation is a bit cumbersome, we can do quite a bit to improve our surroundings to make the lockdown just a tad bit more bearable. So, Aatika Manzar, Founder-Director at Aatika Manzar Designs, gives you some home décor tips that will improve your mood and provide a positive vibe amid this COVID 19 pandemic.

Add greenery

To start with, there’s a significant surge towards adding a touch of greenery in your homes, plants and especially flowering and miniature fruit-bearing plants, are just that little bounce of colour that could brighten your days. For the impatient ones who can’t wait for the seed/sapling to grow on its own, you can buy mature plants online and these are delivered straight to your door and you get an instant miniature garden to nurture. The options are vast, from low-cost flowering plants to expensive Origami trees, you can really take your pick depending on the size of your home and your wallet. Please make sure there’s a tray to collect the excess water residue, or you'll be adding another cleaning chore to your ever-growing cleaning list at home.

Wall painting

Now let’s get on to wall paint. Most of us tend to reduce our walls to the conformity of whites, beige and their offsprings. This lockdown situation is just ripe to give your mundane days a splash of colourful excitement. Choose a wall, just a single wall and go crazy to reflect your inner child on that wall and it can transform your entire living space. Points to remember, there are a multitude of non-toxic colour options to choose from, considering you don’t have the option to step out and let the wall dry and inhaling toxic paint fumes isn’t the kind of perk your lungs need at the present scenario.

Wall Decals

If painting a wall is beyond your scope of things, you can substitute painting with ready-to-stick wall decals. There are easily available options in the internet where you can choose from.

Little corner for workout

Considering gyms aren’t accessible, rearranging the furniture to refresh your room with a new layout or to squeeze out a little more space to get a cosy corner to read your books, is a little added bonus of getting some exercise and finding a little more space out of your living area.

Cleaning and decluttering

Lockdowns are tough, but your daily habits can make them go by with ease. Deep cleaning of your surroundings and a little rearrangement of daily objects will make your space airy, breezy and give you a positive vibe.

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