5 Kitchen utilities you need to prepare lip smacking festive snacks & sweets

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5 Kitchen utilities you need to prepare lip smacking festive snacks & sweets
5 Kitchen utilities you need to prepare lip smacking festive snacks & sweets

It is the time for galore of lip-smacking sweets and snacks. Puran polis, chakli, sev, karanji, ladoos, chivdas are highly delectable with a dash of festivity around. Nevertheless, one has to ensure that they own some kitchen utilities to prepare a wide variety of sweets and snacks with ease.

Here are top 5 kitchen utilities you need to prepare delicious festive delights in a fuss-free way.


1. Puran Poli Maker with 5 Jali

This stainless steel puran poli maker contains 5 distinctive jalis to serve all your needs. The maker comes with farsan jali, puran jali, strainer jali, bundi jali, and idli jali. If you want to make dozens of sweets and farsan, then this kitchen utility is all that you need. 


Price: Rs. 595

Deal: Rs. 539

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2. Stainless Steel Kitchen Press

Love murruku, bhujiya, gathiya, noodles, cookies and other namkeens? Make them at home with the help of this Stainless Steel Kitchen Press. It comes with 25 different types of attachments. It is extremely easy to operate. With a comfortable and firm grip, this kitchen press is a must have for making namkeens in bulk. 


Price: Rs. 1499

Deal: Rs. 479

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3. Stainless Steel Cutter

This cutter is an all purpose cutter. The most lightweight kitchen utility delivers great results when used to cut doughs. If you want to give a zigzag border to your shankarpalis or karanjis then use this cutter to enhance the look of the festive delight. In addition, you can also use this to cut pastry, sandwich or pizzas. 


Price: Rs. 349

Deal: Rs. 199

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4. Stainless Steel Mould Cutter

Mould cutters are a saviour if you are tired of making sweets and namkeens of the same size and shape. This mould cutter is perfect for making karanjis in the festive season. It consumes less time and delivers expected results while preparing an array of sweets and snacks. Sealing your food items has become easy with the help of this mould cutter. 


Price: Rs. 849

Deal: Rs. 375

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5. Modak and Ladoo Patti Mould

Modaks and ladoos are very time consuming. You have to take care of their size and shape. But with the purchase of this modak and ladoo patti mould, it is not a big deal. You can kickstart your ladoo making program anytime anywhere. Grab this mould now and prepare some delicious ladoos and modak.


Price: Rs. 789 

Deal: Rs. 351

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Indian sweets and snacks are those tasty treats which nobody can resist having. The festivals are soon going to hit you hard if you don't own these top 5 kitchen utilities. Why need a helping hand when you have these utilities? Prepare galore of sweets and snacks with an ease.


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