5 Must have bedroom items to have a comfy winter ready room

Make your bedroom the ultimate cocoon to survive the chill outside with these 5 easy ideas and nestle in a snuggle-worthy bed.
5 Must have bedroom items to have a comfy winter ready room
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Winters call for a snug, warm and cosy bedroom. Being warm and comfortable in your bedroom, cuddled up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, when it is chilly outside is the ultimate luxury. While summers call for an open, airy and a laid-back vibe in the bedroom, winters call for a cosy, comfy, snug room. 

The nights are longer and the days are shorter. In such a case, it becomes absolutely essential to make your bed the cosiest place possible to just nestle in on a chilly winter night. Here are some ways to make your bedroom winterproof and to avoid the chills.


Be it shaggy rugs, vintage rugs or area rugs, just add lots and lots of rugs in your room to make it warm and cosy and to prevent your feet from touching the ice-cold floor.


Layer your bed. Add lots of throw pillows, add a duvet and a quilt to make the comfiest bed possible.

Blackout curtains

Put blackout curtains to keep away those winter chills and to enjoy the luxury of sleeping till noon with no sunlight waking you up early in the morning.


This is a must. Opt for the warmest, snuggest comforter possible to instantly get warm once in bed, and to make it impossible for you to get out of it!

Warm lighting

Winters call for soft, warm lighting. It cosies up the bedroom and gives it a nice, snug ambience. Make sure to have a bedside lamp to avoid getting out of the quilt in the night.

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