5 SIMPLE tricks to perpetually keep your home tidy and clutter free

Who doesn’t like a clean and well-organised house? While there may be some people who dread the weekly cleaning, we have some simple tips for you to always keep your house in order.
5 SIMPLE tricks to perpetually keep your home tidy and clutter free
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Nobody wants to dedicate their precious weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom. But an untidy and disorganised house sure irritates and irks us. Be it the pile of dirty clothes on the bed, the well-settled dust on the shelves or the dirty dishes in the sink. These things can get on anybody’s nerves and can disrupt their need to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend.


So, to make your life easier, there are some smart and systematic ways to keep your house perpetually clean and tidy. Inculcating these easy habits in your daily routine can help you keep your house in order and avoid last-minute chaotic cleaning. 

Dust daily


Instead of dusting every ten days or so, and then catching a cold because of contact with old dust, make a habit of dusting daily.


Clean every day


There are only so many things that can be out of place in a day. It is definitely easier to put a handful of things in order than cleaning an incredibly messy house in one go.


Make your bed


Making your bed every day after getting up will not only make your room look organised but you will also look forward to coming back home after a tiring day and crash out on it.



Include everyone


Keeping the house in order is not one man’s job. Involve all the members of the house to keep their room clean and organised to make your life easier.


Make a schedule


Be it doing the laundry or washing the dishes, follow a schedule to not skip these tasks and do them on time daily.


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