5 Simple ways to increase natural light in your home to keep it warm during winter

If you are looking for ideas to increase natural light in your home and getting that extra ray of sunlight during winter to keep it warm, these are quick and easy hacks that can help you to achieve it.
5 Simple ways to increase natural light in your home to keep it warm during winter
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The natural light that comes into your house is the sunlight that reflects in your room during the day. Natural light is always better than artificial as it also has multiple health benefits like boosting vitamin D in your body and healing depression or anxiety. Hence, it is important to let the natural light come into your room and let it absorb the walls during the day as much as it can.

Natural light also increases the serotonin levels in your body, boosting your mood instantly. However, there might be multiple reasons due to which the natural light is getting blocked and not entering your house. In such a case, you can use these hacks to increase the natural light in your home and especially during winters to keep it warm and cosy.

1. Go for a brighter interior wall colour

The reason why most houses have white interior walls is that it adds more light into your house and it is the only way to reflect natural light back into your room. Opt for bright or neutral colours like white, off-white, mellow yellow, light pink and shades of white.

2. Install glass mirrors on walls

Use the blank space on walls and occupy it with glass blocks or mirrors with higher gloss level for the light to bounce back. This will either reflect the natural light into your house or it will allow the natural light to enter through the glass box.

3. Have high glass floor-to-ceiling windows

You can install French windows in your living room or bedroom. You can get floor to ceiling windows to optimize the space and let more of natural light enter your house through these windows. You can enjoy the scenic views as well from your house.

4. Use glass or reflective tiles in your kitchen

Having more glass and glossy tiles will reflect light when it hits them and keep your house warm and illuminated.

5. Install skylights

Another way to increase natural light in your house is to install skylights in your bedroom or living room ceiling. They are often referred to as the windows for the roof and let the sunlight enter your room directly.

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