5 Things you need to do your dishes in a jiffy

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5 Things you need to do your dishes in a jiffy
5 Things you need to do your dishes in a jiffy

Dish washing is one of the physical tasks that every human being finds annoying. Inorder to do the dishes in a convenient and less time consuming way, one has to first rinse, soak, scrub and wash off the suds and residues. The scrubbing and washing of dishes might result in dry hands. Thus, check out the top 5 things that you need to do your dishes in a jiffy and in a protective way.


1. Silicone Cleaning Hand Gloves

Say goodbye to dry hands post dishwashing sessions with these Silicone Cleaning Hand Gloves. These gloves are long in length and have scrubbers attached at the fingers and palms of the gloves. These gloves are waterproof and prevent skin contact with corrosive soaps and liquids. The thick silicone scrubbers wash off oil stains and dirt with ease.


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2. Soap Dispenser for Dishwasher

Experiencing irritation and blisters due to dishwashing liquid soaps? Grab this Soap Dispenser for Dishwasher now. This soap dispenser is ideal to keep your liquid soap dirt and residue free. It is easy and convenient to use if you are stuck with a huge pile of dishes in your kitchen. No worries of refilling fresh liquid amid the dishwashing sessions. 


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3. AmazonBasics 8 Place Setting Dishwasher

If you want to free up your time, then the dishwasher can do your dishes instantly. It has the power to clean and scrub off the dirty dishes with 6 washing programs. This dishwasher is suitable for all kinds of crockery and pans. It is the best way to save energy and water. With low noise levels and easy button control, a dishwasher can be your best companion. 


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4. Plastic Popular Combo Kitchen Sink Organiser

After you are done with the dishes, you need to air dry or towel dry them. This is often annoying because you need to ensure that no water has clogged within the dishes as it results in rusting of steel plates, knives, or other crockeries. Plastic Popular Combo Kitchen Sink Organiser helps you to organise each and every crockery and kitchen utilities that you wash. It has a hollow design with a diversion tray at the bottom that helps in easy draining of water. 


Price: Rs. 999

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5. Faucet Clip

Faucet clip is ideal for faucet pipes attached at the sink. It helps in easy organisations of scrub pads and dishwashing soaps. It has a hook and clamp design which makes it an easy to install clip. You can store a drainer brush, sponge or use it as a draining basket. This faucet clip aids to keep your kitchen tidy and neat. 


Price: Rs. 699 

Deal: Rs. 349

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With these 5 items in your kitchen, dishwashing sessions will not consume enough of your time and energy. They are easy to use and install. Nevertheless, they help in getting rid of germs and bacteria that dwell on your washed or stained dishes. What’s more? These 5 things are kinder to your hands and will be great companions in your fast paced life.


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