5 Things you need to host garba night at home

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 05:03 AM IST  |  73.3K
 5 Things you need to host garba night at home
5 Things you need to host garba night at home

Revellers can't keep calm when the Navratri fever is on across India. Dandiya nights, garba nights and navratri songs are a must to rock the festive season with immense joy and happiness. Amidst the pandemic, you might miss froclicking around with your garba steps. But we are here with 5 things that you need to host garba night at home. 

Before you scroll down, don’t forget to ping your garba companions and call them over!


1. Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker With Supporting Carry Handle

The festival of Navratri is incomplete without grooving on the beats of some rocking garba songs. It is the time to prepare a playlist of your favourite garba songs and kickstart the garba night at your home. All you need is this Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker With Supporting Carry Handle. Place this speaker in any corner of your house and experience the bass of a loud DJ garba night. 


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2. Multicolor Wooden Dandiya Sticks

Navratri celebrations are not complete without lehenga choli and a pair of dandiya sticks. This multicoloured wooden dandiya can help you to enhance your garba steps. Playing with a pair of dandiya highlights the defeat of evil over good. Thus, groove on the beats of the garba songs and enjoy a wonderful dandiya night at home effortlessly. 


Price: Rs. 500 

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3. Navratri Diya Curtain Lights

While hosting a garba night at home, you should never take the atmosphere for granted. Creating a festive atmosphere at your home during Navratri has to be your priority. Thus, grab these diya curtain lights to lighten and liven up the mood of your guests and kickstart the garba night with high spirits. 


Price: Rs. 1499

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4. Navratri Pooja Kit

While planning for a garba night, one should never forget Goddess Durga. Playing garba in the presence of Goddess Durga simply pleases her as garba states that the devotees have a divine energy of Devi within them. Thus, Durga pooja is the top most ritual before beginning the garba night. This pooja kit includes a gold plated photo of Durga maa, 21 pooja items with 16 shringar and jau. 


Price: Rs. 1499

Deal: Rs. 345

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5. Wall/ Door Hanging Pom Pom Torans

Small or big gatherings call for decorations. To add up a little bit of joy in the festive atmosphere, brighten up the walls of your houses with these Wall/ Door Hanging Pom Pom Torans. It helps in creating an exciting environment within the house and welcomes the guests with a grin. 


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Navratri vibes are in the air with these 5 items at home. Show it off to the world that nothing can stop you from celebrating Navratri. Give a ring to your friends, families, near and dear ones and be the host of a memorable garba night. Don’t forget to cook some scrumptious meals and mandatory navratri prasad to tempt the taste buds of your guests.


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