5 Tips to decorate your dressing area the right way when you have limited space

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5 Tips to decorate your dressing area the right way when you have limited space

A dressing room is indeed a luxury. You have a separate space to get ready and to store all your clothes and accessories. With some clever hacks, you can make the best of the situation and optimise the space available in a smart way.


Each person has different needs and a varying amount of space at their homes. Even if you have limited space or just an alcove for a dressing room, you can decorate it and make it look luxurious and dreamy. So, here are some easy ways to turn your dressing area into a dreamland.


Instead of folding your clothes and putting them on top of each other, use dividers to categorise your clothes and prevent them from getting messed up quickly.

Open storage

Hang a soft board in your dressing area to put up your earrings and add hooks for your neckpieces and bracelets to save space and add colour.

Use natural light to your advantage

Try setting up your dressing area near a window to use natural light while doing your makeup or selecting outfits.

Add a flattering mirror

Put a vanity mirror with lights to instantly make your dressing area look luxurious and dreamy. This will not only make your room look chic but will also help you in doing your makeup easily in a proper light.

Add seating

The one thing that turns a utilitarian dressing table into a luxurious dressing unit is seating. Add a plush chair to savour getting ready every day.

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