5 Tips to spruce up your work desk with good lighting according to expert

Since work from home culture has been the new normal, so we can definitely put some effort to spruce up our work desk at home to feel good and concentrate on work. So, Dillraj L Bhatia, Founder, DBEL Studio gives us some lighting hacks for your workstation at home.
Tips for Work Desk Decoration 5 Tips to spruce up your work desk with good lighting according to expert
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With the return of lockdown, work from home has become a routine again. Many people find it difficult to concentrate and increase productivity at home, but do you know that the right lighting plays an important role in increasing productivity? Most of the time, we think that overhead lights, recessed lights, etc. would be alright for our work desk, but it needs some extra functional lights. So, Dillraj L Bhatia, Founder, DBEL Studio shares some hacks to light up your home office effectively

Maximise Natural Light

Place your work desk strategically so that the window is on one side of the desk and not placed behind the desk because direct sunlight may cause glare on the computer screen and also create shadows. To soften the natural light, use sheer curtains, blinds, etc.

Add task lights

A well-defined task light such as an adjustable table lamp can support a variety of tasks at your work desk. This is a highly useful hack to help you with detailed tasks such as paperwork, layouts, or computer work. A dedicated task light can be a part of any workstation that requires focus intensive task.

Eliminate shadows and glares

It is important to know the source of the light falling on your work desk. For example, a light source behind you will create a glare on your computer screen or a light source in front of you will distract your focus from the computer screen. Similarly, it is equally imperative to eliminate unwanted shadows cast by task light sources like table lamps. So, if you write with your right hand, make sure that the position of the table lamp is on the opposite side to eliminate shadow. To avoid additional glares, do not work directly under overhead lights. Look for ways to add diffused lights. Conceal floor lamps with lampshades to soften and scatter the harsh light, while an upward-shining floor lamp bounces the light off the walls and ceilings. 

Decorative office lights for your desk

Once you achieve perfection of lighting with ambient, diffused, and task lights, you can decorate your workstation at home with some accent lighting to improve the visual character of the space. Consider adding wall scones or an uplight to create a comfortable as well as a productive ambiance.

Right illumination for video calls

With online meetings being the new norm, illuminate your surroundings by adding a diffused light behind your laptop with soft illumination. This will not only give the viewer a clear vision but will make you look active for your work meetings.

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