5 Ways to pick the perfect carpet for your office space

Carpet plays an important role in your office space as it provides a richer look to the area. So, Richard Morris, Global Business Development of Carpets Inter, shares some exclusive tips to pick the right carpets for your workspace.
Carpets For Office Space 5 Ways to pick the perfect carpet for your office space
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Carpets have become an essential part of commercial space design with a significant impact on the overall aesthetics of workspaces. When choosing what kind of flooring one’s office should have, choosing the right office carpet should be at the top of the list. The appearance of the office floor can have a major impact on how people perceive the facility. For instance, an ‘ugly’ looking carpet in the lobby area can instantaneously make people think less of the business. Carpets, thus, are a big investment. One wrong selection can cost a bomb and replacing it may put the entire facility out of repair for days or weeks.

With brilliant designs to choose from, amazing acoustic qualities and an array of other benefits that come with it, carpets for offices are a classic choice when it comes to embellishing commercial flooring. However, picking the right office carpet may not always be an easy choice to make. There are a variety of options to choose from with many features to take into account. So here are some tips from Richard Morris, Global Business Development of Carpets Inter, to sail you through the carpet selection process and make the right choice for your office space.

Life Expectancy of the Carpet

First and foremost, it is important to decide what the office carpet’s life expectancy should be ideally. The longer the lease, the better will be the quality of the carpet. A good quality commercial carpet usually has a life expectancy of 10-15 years; however, its appearance retention is what matters more during the lease period. It will continue to remain in top shape as long as it is well-maintained.


When selecting a carpet, choose colours and styles that are desirable for the designated space and the company image. If considering carpet tiles, then it’s important to ensure that replacement tiles are incorporated into the flooring design and a certain portion of the budget is earmarked for the same.


The lighting of the office space can impact the carpet in many ways, completely changing the look and feel of the design. Therefore, before purchasing, it is important to check carpet samples on-site, under the office lighting and see how well it brings out one’s vision in the space, within which it will operate. Order large samples and check out various options before selecting one.

Performance Attributes

Companies should determine the office area that will be used in terms of furniture movement and foot traffic. While the corridors and common use areas may require heavy use, private offices, conference rooms and cubicles may need low levels of carpet resilience as they have moderate usage of carpets.

Comfort Level

Carpets are known for their velvety smooth texture and the comfort that they provide. Cushion backing enhances the ergonomic comfort as well as the carpet performance, as it effectively absorbs the foot impact, makes carpet fibre look better and last much longer in a workspace.

Just like deciding the décor for office interiors demands a good amount of time, similarly selecting the right carpet for office flooring should be given a thought. Also, make sure the colour chosen complements the interiors of the timeless office space.

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