6 DIY ideas to reuse plastic bottles at home and turn them into home decor

Plastic has crept into our lives inevitably through various means and we don’t even realize the enormous amount of plastic we consume on a daily basis. Next time, you see plastic bottles at home, here’s is a better use of plastic than discarding it.
plastic bottle crushed6 DIY ideas to reuse plastic bottles at home and turn them into home decor
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Plastic is a non-biodegradable trash that causes pollutants in the environment, it takes over 1000 years for plastic to bio-degrade and if burnt, it produces toxins in the air that are hazardous to all the living creatures. Hence, reusing plastic is a step towards combating climate change and to help save the environment, it is a crucial measure that all of should inculcate as a daily habit. 

To limit discarding plastic bottles as trash and instead, using them as a utility to add to your home is a great initiative that fights two purposes. First, it helps fight climate change and saves the environment by not polluting it through plastic litter and second, it can be used as a home decor item or a utility product in your house. You can transform plastic into something useful at home or a low-budget home decor item. These are the 6 ways you can reuse plastic bottles at home.

1. Stationery holder

Plastic bottles can be useful as containers or to store stationery items. You need to simply cut the plastic bottle into half, and customize it according to your preference. Keep it on your study table and use it as a pen stand or a stationery item holder.

2. Bird Feeder

If you have a garden or a verandah, you can store bird food or pulses that birds can feed on in the bottle and hang it on a branch using a thread. Simply store the pulses in the bottle and use the cap to hang the bottle with a thread or a wire. You can even small holes in the bottle and insert a wooden spoon horizontally through the bottle to make a branch like structure for the birds to sit on.

3. Kitchen storage

Plastic bottles are great as containers, you can cut the bottle into half and use it as containers to store pulses, spices, cereals and more.

4. Mobile charger basket

This is a creative use to your plastic bottle instead of tossing it away. You can cut the plastic bottle into a shape of the holder that you can hang on the charging point and make a pocket where you can keep the phone. You can customise the basket and add some colour to it to make it look appealing.

5. Snack bowls

Cut the bottom part of a bottle as it is firm and turn into a snack bowl for peanuts, cookies and more. You can add a personal touch to it and customize the bowls. 

6. Vertical garden

Great use of plastic bottles at home is to turn it into a mini garden. Plastic bottles can be cut horizontally, strung together and hung on a wall. You can add soil and compost to it, add seeds, water the soil and turn it into a DIY mini garden at home.

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