6 easy steps to remove an old wallpaper

Planning on removing an old wallpaper? It won't look so frightening if you follow these easy and simple tips.
Wallpaper,removing wallpaper 6 easy steps to remove an old wallpaper
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Are you ready to give your walls a makeover? When it comes to wallpaper, there comes a point when you have to get rid of the old one and update the walls with a new one. With the ever-changing design catalogue of home décor, you have to trade your outdated design for a more on-trend option.

Don’t worry, it may seem frightening, but it is actually not that difficult to remove your wallpaper. So, set aside the horror stories and read the tips and steps written below that will help you remove the wallpaper without any hassle. Regardless of the type of wallpaper you’re dealing with, we’ll tell you how to do it properly. 

Here’s how to remove wallpaper properly. 

1- Make sure you cover the trim and moulding before you begin removing the wallpaper. It will help protect these surfaces from damage or getting dirty in the process. You can use masking tape for this. 

2- If your wallpaper is coming off on its own, try removing it with your hand. For the rest, start scraping it off from the edges with a taping knife. 

3- At the point where you become unable to remove the wallpaper by hand, use a spray of warm water to separate the wallpaper from the wall. You can take any sprayer you want, or you can use a steamer. Be careful when you use a steamer. 

4- Once the wallpaper is damp, start scraping again but make sure that you don’t damage the wall underneath. 

5- After you remove the wallpaper carefully, it is time to wash the wall to remove the paste or excess primer. Dampen a sponge and rub it on the wall. Don’t leave anything behind as it can make it difficult to apply the new wallpaper. 

6- Wait at least a day before you prep it for new paint or new wallpaper. After successfully removing the old one and updating your wall, it is time to enjoy the reward! 

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