6 Eco friendly ways to celebrate a colourful festive season at home

Updated on Oct 13, 2021 10:30 AM IST  |  39.3K
6 Eco friendly ways to celebrate a colourful festive season at home
6 Eco friendly ways to celebrate a colourful festive season at home

Decorations add the missing sparkle to your home. It releases festive vibes better and welcomes galore of happiness. The lighting, sweets, savoury items are present by default but a colourful atmosphere contributes largely in elevating the high spirits of your guests and family members. 

Here are some eco-friendly ways that you can use to decorate your house and host parties with ease.


1. Square Paper Dessert Plates

Dessert plates are a must have amid the festivities. The exchange of sweets is a never ending session experienced at home. Be it you, your neighbours, or guests, these colourful rainbow plates help to enjoy the desserts in the most lavishing ways. The usage of such eco-friendly plates highlight your way of protecting nature. Pick your favorite dessert or sweets, grab this colourful plate and dispose of it in a jiffy. 


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2. Printed Paper Party Napkins

This pack of four printed paper napkins contain 80 pieces per packet. The colourful prints and play of colours on the napkins make it exciting for others to use. Even though they are meant to be disposed within seconds after usage, they give you a sense of cleanliness for a very short time. You can add a touch of colourfulness by replacing the simple plain paper napkins with this colourful bunch of beauties.


Price: Rs. 340

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3. Eco-Friendly Colorful Rainbow 8 mm Paper Drinking Straws

Paper straws came into existence immediately after the prohibition on the usage of plastic straws. Small kids often experience difficulty in sipping their juices whereas adults find large glasses difficult to hold and sip. Thus, these colourful paper straws compliment your biodegradable cutlery and eliminates the absence of plastic straws. Use these colourful rolls for easy sipping of juices and milkshakes or else host exciting straw games at your party. 


Price: Rs. 1099

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4. Colorful Paper Lanterns

Festivals require lights and glamour. It elevates the festive vibes largely and helps in creating a soothing atmosphere. Playing with these colourful paper lanterns can be the talk of your celebrations. Hang them in the interiors or exteriors to enjoy your gatherings in a dim surrounding. Bring festive magic to your celebrations with these colorful paper lanterns that come with led lights. 


Price: Rs. 1200 

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5. Set of 6 Paper Hanging Fans

Hanging paper fans are giving tough competition to foil curtains. Paper fans decorations can be used for multiple events and celebrations. These fans are easy to unfold and consume less space when shut. What is a better way than switching to eco-friendly decorations? These fans, also called as rosettes, brighten up the mood of the spectators and make them feel environment conscious.


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6. Tissue Paper Pom-poms

Every decoration is incomplete without a hanging element in the air. Hence, these tissue paper pom poms are a must-have to make your decor complete. You can hang these fluffy pom poms in the nook and corners of your house and liven up the mood of your guests. You can fluff them out whenever you need, hang or scatter them on dessert tables, or even place them in vases as unique centerpieces. 


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Eco-friendly decorations help you to contribute your part towards the environment. These 6 tricks used to create an easy yet royal festive atmosphere are reusable and easy to preserve. Say no to plastic decor and grab these colorful paper decorations to amp up your house’s festival look.


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