6 Home products from Amazon you need to ADD TO CART right away

Here are 6 everyday products that can make you want to never leave home. Check it out!
6 Home products from Amazon you need to ADD TO CART right away 6 Home products from Amazon you need to ADD TO CART right away
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Home is an emotion. The kitchen, bedroom, drawing hall and everything become the backdrop of memorable events in our life. To make your home more functional and pretty here are 6 utility products that make sure you don’t stress about small things in life. Cleaning, cooking, organising can be a dreaded task at your home and we have got us covered with the right products. These products from Amazon are true to their value and get to every product in your home including cleaning that dusty laptop keyboard. So shop them right away and thank us later!



Fridge Rack

Running out of storage space in the fridge is a common problem faced by every household. You don't need a new gigantic fridge, all you need is these small racks that can easily fit in your refrigerator and store more products.

Price: Rs 299

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Feather Magic Microfiber Cleaning Duster 

An easy cleaning duster that can bend at multiple angles for dusting your room in an effective way and can also be applied to dust ceiling fans, window sills, walls, corners, and other places difficult to reach. This is definitely a must buy cleaning tool.

Price: Rs 359

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Drain Cleaning Clog Water Pipe

You can use this picker to pull out strands of hair and dirt from clogged tubs and basins, shower drains, and kitchen sinks. It helps in cleaning the debris from inside and clear the drainage. This picker improves drainage flow and clears out odour-causing gunk and bacteria. Simply discard the harvest of hair & rinse clean!

Price: Rs 199

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Mason Jar

These are the trendiest things that everyone needs. Make your home the most loved hang-out spot for your friends with yummy drinks served in mason jars. The drinking jars have ergonomic handles to make it easy to hold them and lift them to take a sip. The mason jars have lids with straw holes and hole closers to prevent leakage. 

Price: Rs 429

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Magic Gel Cleaner

Certain corners and places are too hard to clean so we often replace them with new products. But this magic gel will help you clean the difficult corner in the most efficient way. It is flexible, easy to deform and stretches freely so that it can get into the uneven parts and fine parts of various equipment to remove dust with strong adhesive power.

Price: Rs 349

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Knife Sharpener

Believe it or not, a dull knife is one of the most dangerous objects in your kitchen. This diamond rod slot gently repairs and straightens damaged blades. You can even use it for ceramic knives!The tungsten steel step is the starting point for grinding normal steel knives, making them sharp again.

Price: Rs 399

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All the products listed above are from Amazon and these cleaning and functional utilities are handpicked suggestions for you to shop.

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