6 Things you need to make your WFH life more comfortable and easy

Updated on Sep 09, 2021 08:51 PM IST  |  90.1K
6 Things you need to make your WFH life more comfortable and easy
6 Things you need to make your WFH life more comfortable and easy

Working from home is the new norm that’s not so new now. We have found our balance between managing the mess at home and also attending professional calls via Zoom. As we are finding this mode of work-life more comfortable, we think most people would opt to continue the WFH style forever. To make your workspace at home cosier, we bring to you 6 products from Amazon at deal-breaking prices that’ll amp up your WFH lifestyle.


Fluffy Mat

As you sit on your chair for hours long, give your feet a soft place to rest with this minimal yet elegant looking soft mat.


Price: Rs1499

Deal: Rs 859

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Hot Chocolate

Having something delicious to eat at home itself is an instant mood booster. Also, drinking hot chocolate while you are working can improve your thought process and also relax your body and mind.


Price: Rs175

Deal: Rs 140

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Self Watering Pots

Surrounding yourself with green plants brings in a cool vibe and positive ambience. This self-watering plant takes care of itself and is a great home decor that requires low maintenance.


Price: Rs 395

Deal: Rs 345

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Air Freshener

WFH doesn’t mean you only work and won’t take care of the home. Being at home is a wonderful feeling but don’t spoil it with smelly choices. Use an air freshener to keep your living space happy, positive and great.


Price: Rs 149

Deal: Rs 109

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Massage Ball

This tiny massage ball can help you deal with work stress. The stronger spiky massage ball high dense rubber reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release, helps to relieve muscular tension, and improves blood circulation. Will give you the relief you want.


Price: Rs 225

Deal: Rs 219

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Bulletin Board

Not just as a decor item to brighten up your workspace and boost your every day but also to keep you on track with your to-do list and balance your work and life skillfully this bollard board can be of great help.


Price: Rs 1719

Deal: Rs 419

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So, grab these amazing products and make your work from home life more fun and fab!

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