6 Ways to get rid of negative energy in your home

Updated on Sep 24, 2021 03:08 PM IST  |  89.6K
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6 Ways to get rid of negative energy in your home

Going through gloomy days and suffering from damp feelings at home? There are signs you could have some negative energy at your sweet abode. Home is a constant feeling of happiness that gives us comfort but there could be days of melancholy as well. It can have an impact on your mood and hamper your daily life.

If this state of blues and gloom persist, then here are some ways you can help get rid of negative energy at home.

Purify the air


Try burning some dried herbs like fragrant herbs to clear the negative energy. You can find a list of cleansing herbs anywhere to help purify the air. You can even burn incense sticks to lighten up the mood and calm your soul. 

Let some natural light in

Open the windows and curtains of your house and let some natural enter your house through the windows or doors. This will help you connect with nature outside and get some fresh air and sunshine on your dark and gloomy days.

Get some indoor plants


Install some fresh plants into your house. Fill the corners and gaps in your house with green indoor plants. You can fill the space of your house with greenery and promote eco-friendly interiors.

Get rid of broken furniture and declutter

Make some room for new and fresh pieces of furniture in your house. Try to fix anything that is broken and detach yourself from old belongings. This way you will invite new beginnings and a fresh perspective to your house.

Spray a lemony or orange scent


Use orange peels or lemon zest as fragrant scents at your home. The scent will instantly uplift the mood and energy of your house. It is naturally invigorating and feels fresh. Not only does it clear the negative energy but it also uplifts your mood.

Put some salt in the corners

Salt helps absorb the negative energy and it is highly recommended to do a thorough salt cleanse of your house to get rid of negative energy. Fill the corners of your room with salt and let it sit there for at least 2 days. Clean the salt with a broomstick and throw it out in the trash.

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