7 Easy ways to brighten up your entryway with mirrors

Updated on Oct 06, 2020 02:36 PM IST  |  990.7K
7 Easy ways to brighten up your entryway with mirrors

Decorating your abode with different types of mirrors is currently in trend. They are great objects to revamp any corner of your rooms. Another important factor of using mirrors for home décor is that it creates an illusion in the rooms making it look bigger and spacious.

But mirrors are not only there to spruce up your rooms, but can be also used to decorate your entryway. If you are not willing to do anything grand to brighten up your entrance, then opt for mirrors.

Ideas to decorate your entrance with mirrors:

1.You can hang a large mirror on the wall near the entrance with a nautical rope and pair it with a floating entry table. This will look perfect against a white wall.

2.Opting for a modern zigzag mirror will catch your guest’s attention instantly and showcase your choice of contemporary style.


3.If you like to give a slight golden touch to the entrance area, then hang a golden mirror to brighten up the space.

4.There is no rule of hanging only one mirror. If you want to add more than one mirror, you can do it. The area will look more spacious.

5.A large rectangular mirror with some fresh flowers on the vase will create a bright spot in the entryway to catch everyone’s attention.

6.If you love patterns, then go for a geometric-shaped mirror that will play with angles. Add a catchy wallpaper against it. You can also put three small geometric-shaped mirrors together to make the wall look more vibrant.

7.Sunburst mirrors always look appealing. Both golden and silver sunburst mirrors are available and you can pair them up with a beautiful lamp.


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