7 Products with great reviews that are perfect for your lazy WFH life

Updated on Aug 11, 2021 09:27 AM IST  |  129.5K
7 Products with great reviews that are perfect for your lazy WFH life
7 Products with great reviews that are perfect for your lazy WFH life

Working from home is fun but it definitely makes us a little lazy and if you were already a lazy person we don’t even have to say! But a lazy lifestyle is not all that bad. A little rest for yourself is always a blessing. But if you are lazy but have a busy schedule to run then three are high chances that you are missing out on one or the other things like breakfast, cleaning or anything that is important but falls low on your priority list. So here bring to you 7 products that will help you get things done faster and in an easier way without much effort.


Egg Boiler

If you are too lazy to get your feet out of the bed to cook yourself a nice meal, this egg boiler can do it all perfectly without any fuss. It has automatic off mode and can cook up to 6 eggs at the same time so you can get your breakfast ready before your work from home starts.


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Flexible Phone Stand

One of the signs of a lazy man is the posture and positions we sit or sleep in. Yes, it’s always weird like we have no bones to break. This phone stand is perfect for every lazy soul out there who doesn't want to hold on to their phone/tablet while watching movies and can adjust the flexible stand more than your posture for happy watching.


Price: 12.99 USD

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Air Fryer

Standing in the kitchen baring the heat and fumes and frying chips is not meant for a lazy person. Get an air fryer and happily binge on your snacks without any struggle.


Price: 34.99 USD

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Lazy Neck Bracelet

Wear this phone holder around your neck and go hands-free. You can curl it, twist and use it on your lap and position it just perfect for your needs. 


Price: 11.49  USD

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Lazy Glasses

With prism glasses, you don’t have to tilt your neck nor feel sore neck and back pain. You can comfortably lie down, read or watch movies with these lightweight horizontal glasses. You can also carry it in your carry-on bag when you travel. The choice of material allows you not to worry about being crushed.


Price: 17.59  USD

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Self-Stirring Mug

Work from home requires a lot of intake of coffee. But who has time to sit and stir and that's why we have the automatic stirring mug for lazy souls. The lid cover has a rubber seal around to securely and safely keep your liquids inside.


Price: 18.89 USD

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Grabber & Reacher Tool

Stretching and reaching for things that are close to your hand is all that lazy people like us can do. We are not very happy about walking or kneeling to pick up things. This strong metal bar which is compact and foldable can help you reach places without moving from your comfortable position and it also makes cleaning up and collecting trash easy without making your hands dirty or bend down and hurt your back.


Price: 9.95 USD

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Being lazy sometimes is a gift and you can embrace it just the way you want. So shop these products and help yourself to speed up your life even if your lifestyle is lazy.

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