7 Steps to elevate your home decor during the pandemic with expert tips from a celebrity home stylist

Celebrity home stylist and designer, Darshini Shah shares some exclusive tips on how to light up your home interiors and bring some fresh air and positivity into your daily lives. Find out more.
home decor 7 Steps to elevate your home decor during the pandemic with expert tips from a celebrity home stylist
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With the ongoing pandemic, everything seems to have come to a halt and at a nationwide pause like this, while we’re stuck indoors at home, we have found some interesting ways to lift up your spirits and bring some positivity to your home with the help of celebrity home stylist and designer, Darshini Shah.

Since we have stayed indoors for a really long time due to the lockdowns, the best of spaces at home can make you feel dull, monotonous, and low on energy. In very small and easy ways you can refresh and rejuvenate your space to infuse some charm into your home. But you don’t have to break your bank as there are lots of inexpensive ways to spruce up your home and transform it into your happy place.

The secret to creating a delightful atmosphere at home is by infusing it with the little things that make you sigh and smile. Below are a few easy ways to do this.

Rearrange and energise

The easiest way to make a space feel different is to rearrange the pieces of furniture, art, and curios to give it an entirely different look. Keeping the functional elements in mind, it may not be possible to shuffle the larger pieces but simple things like swapping side tables between rooms, changing placements of sofas and chairs within a specific area can make the space look and feel different. 

Layering or mood lighting

Since we are unable to experience outdoor spaces like visiting restaurants and holiday destinations to unwind, you can transform your home space depending on your mood. The easiest way to achieve this is by layering your lighting. A variety of combinations of lighting can set a different tone to your interiors without any fancy automation. For example, you can use floor or table lamps during weekend dining for a cosy and intimate vibe. For special occasions, the same can be achieved through candles or even diyas!

Get sentimental

Bring out the special memories and curios and decorate your space with personal memorabilia, old photographs that captured your happy moments, hand-made frames, crafts, and family heirlooms, travel mementoes. You can use small-sized souvenirs to create vignettes or dot them around your books.

Bring nature in

Keep windows open to bring in plenty of natural light during the day. Sunlight has a very therapeutic effect. It helps overcome the feeling of claustrophobia which often happens due to being indoors for longer periods. Bring in as many natural elements as possible, such as plants and vibrant flowers. 

Create zones and organise

Having smaller spaces is very common in city apartments due to which 'organising' should be the key. For this purpose, it is important to find the right spot for various activities at different points in the day especially with the work from home situation. Keeping your living space clutter-free helps make one more productive. Additionally, ruffle up the linen, throw in some extra pillows to make it your go-to comfort zone. 

Painting and DIY

Revamp your space with a fresh coat of paint which is easy to do with your family, partner, or children. Do some fun DIY painting, colour blocking or refurbish a piece of furniture that will not only create memories during the lockdown but add new elements into your space without costing a bomb.

Tap into scent

An aroma evokes a happy memory, cleanses the energy of space as well as helps elevate the mood. Depending on the mood and time of the day, the right scents can completely make a space feel different. In case of the absence of candles, one can use traditional dhoop, light some sage, or use camphor. It can freshen up and add the right amount of energy that's needed in these testing times.

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