7 Tips to keep your kid’s room clean and clutter free with a vibrant décor

Updated on Jun 01, 2021 12:01 PM IST  |  202.3K
How to decorate your kid's room

No matter what you do, kid’s room will most of the time be cluttered, dirty, and messy. They are studying, playing and doing all other stuff in their room in the entire day which automatically makes it messy and cluttered. So, cleaning it always won’t help because you have to be organised while doing your kid’s room. So, here are some easy tips to keep your child’s room neat, clean and clutter-free.  

Involve your kids

Make sure, you involve your kids while organising their rooms. In this way, they will learn to clean a room and also will value of keeping it clean and clutter-free. Let them help you in organising stuff as well.

Make a plan

First, look at the entire room closely and make a plan about how will you execute the entire thing and move forward. Then do it accordingly. Ask them where they like to store each of their stuff in room and make a list of items accordingly.

Throw the stuff that your kids don’t need anymore

After making the plan, first gather the things which your kids won’t use anymore and keep them aside to keep in the dustbin. But before throwing them off do take your kid’s permission because they may need something from the stuff.

Start with the ground

First, start cleaning the room from the floor and under the bed. This is where your kids store most of their items, ground portion will always come first. And a clean ground will help you sort things better.

Make cleaning feel like a game

Cleaning for a long time might be boring for the little ones. So, make it feel more like a game rather than a responsibility. You can also promise your child to give a reward after the completion of the game. And to finish each task, count to 10.

Keep things handy

Always store the most important things in easily reachable places. The stuff which your kids use the most on a daily basis like study materials, pencil box, colour box, etc., keep them at the front portion of the wardrobe.


Lasty, there comes the decoration part of your kid’s room. It’s a crucial part because the décor has to be catchy, fun and interesting so that your kids will love to be a part of it. So, make sure you don’t make it boring or dull. Incorporate colours as much as possible.

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