7 Tips to save your furniture and other decorative items during the monsoon

Monsoon can be problematic for your furniture and other items of home décor. The high moisture levels make them swell and destroy the quality as well. So, here’s how you can protect them from getting damaged.
7 Tips to save your furniture and other decorative items during the monsoon 7 Tips to save your furniture and other decorative items during the monsoon
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Monsoon season is loved by everyone. But there are certain cons to it. The wooden furniture and other decor items face the brunt of it. These all get damaged during the rainy season. So, you have to be very careful about your décor and furniture to save them.

Monsoon has already started, so it is high time that you start taking care of them. Once it gets damaged, it will be impossible to get it back to their previous quality. So, here’s what you should do to save your furniture and décor during monsoon.

Tips for maintaining furniture during the monsoon:

1-  Naphthalene balls are great to protect your wardrobe from any kind of pests and they are also a great moisture absorber. So, you can put them in the wardrobe or cabinets. You can also use neem leaves or cloves for a natural remedy.

2-  Don’t do any renovation or polishing for your décor or wooden furniture because moisture levels are high in this time of the year so, it will be a waste. Just stick to the maintenance and cleaning of your existing items.

3-  Wooden furniture tends to swell during monsoon season due to excess moisture. So, they get stuck while opening like doors or drawer. Regular oiling is the only option to make them smooth.

4-  Keep your furniture a few inches away from the wall because walls are damp during this time; so, they can transfer the moisture to the surface of the furniture.

5-  Never use a damp cloth to clean all wooden furniture because they will absorb the moisture from the cloth. Always use a dry cloth for the cleaning and wipe it regularly as dust tends to absorb moisture as well.

6-  Keep your wooden furniture away from doors and windows because they can catch raindrops from there, which will increase the moisture.

7-  For keeping the entire home décor clean and safe, make sure your rooms are well ventilated. Allow fresh air to enter the room to reduce humidity. You can also bring a dehumidifier to prevent the moisture in your rooms.

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