8 Indoor plants with health benefits to add greenery and serenity to your house

Apart from adding to the greenery and beautifying your home, these plants are also known to improve your overall health. Let us find out what are the 8 indoor plants that you can buy to add tranquillity to your home sweet home.
succulent 8 Indoor plants with health benefits to add greenery and serenity to your house
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In order to thrive for a greener planet, one needs to start the fight within themselves and perhaps, at their homes first. It is a known fact that plants not only beautify your home but they also bring in positivity and joy to your lives. By staring at greenery for long hours, it helps to soothe our minds and helps us feel calm. These plants are also beneficial at purifying the air and eliminating all the hazardous chemicals in the air that enter your house.

The chemicals cause a lot of irritation and hamper with your daily tasks, it leads to several chronic diseases like migraine or respiratory problems. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the hazardous air and that’s when indoor plants act as a lifesaver. The secret lies in the soil and the roots of the plant that helps in absorbing all the extra carbon in the air. Plants also have multiple mental health benefits that keep you calm and positive instantly. Watering plants and caring for them evokes a sense of emotions that humans cling to and it has therapeutic ways of healing. Let us look 8 indoor plants that are key to add calm and greenery to your house.

1. Snake plant

An amazing plant that you can add to your bedroom space or any corner of the house. It helps to improve the air quality and removes all the toxins from the house. They can be kept indoors and closed corners as they don’t require direct sunlight.

2. Aloe Vera plant

With multiple benefits like skincare, health and healing effects, this is a purposeful plant that can be kept indoors as it doesn’t need much care. It can smooth your skin and treat burns.

3. Peace Lily

As the name suggests, this plant is great for generating serenity in the house, removing toxins from the air and keeping your house fresh, healthy and happy while beautifying it too.

4. Rosemary

It’s main purpose is to improve concentration, memory loss and ease muscle pain. You can use the leaves in salads and as part of an ingredient in your meals. 

5. English Ivy

This plant acts as an amazing air purifier, it can treat people with asthma problems and heal people dealing with stress. This plant can be kept in your bedroom as it helps in giving you a good night’s sleep.

6. Lavender

Known to relieve levels of stress, anxiety and depression, it brings calm and serenity to your house. It is also appealing to the eyes and the fragrance helps soothe your mind.

7. Golden Pothos

Great for removing chemicals from your house, they don’t require much care or anything additional. So, if you want a plant that does all the work for you without any expectations, this is the perfect choice for you.

8. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is an amazing choice for all tea lovers. It helps in soothing your mind, relieves stress, pain and acts as a key ingredient in your green tea as it helps improve levels of sugar and cholesterol.

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