Ace up your door decor with eye catching floral torans

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Ace up your door decor with eye catching floral torans
Ace up your door decor with eye catching floral torans

Lobbies and entrances require an additional touch to generate a festive vibe to the maximum. Rangolis and fairy lights are welcomed in the decor planning by default but nothing can beat the awesomeness of door hangings, especially floral torans. This year hang these fluffy floral torans to attract your guests and neighbours. 


1. Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers Toran

This floral toran looks 99 percent real when hung at the entrance door. They twirl and play with wind exhaling festive neutrons. This floral toran consists of artificial marigold flowers and bells. The shade of warm colours of the toran makes it a perfect decor item for the door and lobby.


Price: Rs. 1299

Deal: Rs. 749

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2. Marigold Door Toran 

This door toran contains only yellow and dark orange artificial marigold flowers. With the golden bells hanging at the end of the garland makes it simple yet perfect for liven up the festive atmosphere. 


Price: Rs. 899

Deal: Rs. 449

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3. Marigold and Mango Leaves Toran

Mango leaves and marigold flowers have greater importance in the hindu traditions. Torans made with these flowers and leaves adorn the door. The toran exhales auspiciousness and is used for highlighting general well being amid the festivities.


Price: Rs. 199

Deal: Rs. 180

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4. Flower Toran

If you are looking for a long lasting toran, then this multi coloured flower toran is for you. It is a combination of multiple flowers in the shade of pink, white and red. The beads twirled below the floral strap sway merrily with the breeze.


Price: Rs. 2999

Deal: Rs. 1793

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5. Genda Flowers Toran

This garland with marigold flowers might seem artificial but it fills the absence of real floral torans. If you want to adorn your door with a realistic look then rub the flowers of the toran till they turn fluffy. This toran is indeed appealing.


Price: Rs. 1299 

Deal: Rs. 391

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Floral toran and garlands are mandatory gateways for pleasing Goddess of Wealth and other deities in the festive season. If you want to get rid of the raining dried petals of real floral torans, then grab these artificial torans now. They look as fresh as real. Go give your doors, entrance, lobbies, etc. an ornate look.


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