Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Products from Amazon to revamp your bathroom ambience

Here are 6 utilities to amp up your bathroom ambience and make your home look like a resort. Check it out!
Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Products from Amazon to revamp your bathroom ambience Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Products from Amazon to revamp your bathroom ambience
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To most of us, the one place in your home that initiates great thoughts that gives the maximum level of privacy and calms us and lets us be ourselves is the bathroom. Sometimes we lock ourselves up in there and cry or just stay inside for hours texting friends. It definitely holds some memories of life and we don’t need it to be thought of as a dirty place with negative vibes. So here we bring to you 6 products from Amazon that can make sure your bathroom is clean and pretty just like the ones in luxury resorts.

Garbage Bags

The disgust element is always the wastebasket. Put in a garbage bag so it will be easier for you to throw off the garbage without destroying the quality of the bin. It no longer would smell and keep it new as ever. Garbage bags are the most convenient method of garbage disposal to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.


Price: Rs 195

Deal of the Day: Rs 185

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Cotton Towels

Placing some cotton towels can help you clean your hands or even to wipe off watery surfaces soon. Cleaning cloth makes any surface easy to clean countertops, mirrors, etc. They are a necessary item in your bathroom space.


Price: Rs 399

Deal of the Day: Rs 199

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Bathroom Air Fragrance

Good fragrance solves half of the bathroom problems. This packet has got unique power gel technology which ensures the fragrance reaches every corner of your bathroom. This creates a better ambience and better bathroom experience, making you never want to leave the room.

Price: Rs 160

Deal of the Day: Rs 141

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Anti-Skid Bath Mat 

Anti-skid rubber latex backing features keep the runner in place even in wet conditions. It can absorb water seven times its weight and during the manufacturing process, the fibres are split many times which makes them incredibly effective at picking up and trapping water.


Price: Rs 459

Deal of the Day: Rs 279

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Towel Ring 

This stainless steel ring accommodates space to hand towels near the washbasin or even the bath area. It has got the rust-proof, superior quality that keeps its long-term mirror finish and shine. A must-have in every washroom.

Price: Rs 699

Deal of the Day: Rs 295

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There is no place like a well-organised bathroom. Enough space for your soap, exfoliator, shampoo and other lion bottles are a must to keep them safe and clean. If you surely don’t want to bathe throughout with all the necessities in your hands, get this organiser set to give space to all your utilities and make your bathroom look spacious and organised.

Price: Rs 1299

Deal of the Day: Rs 347

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Which of the utilities from the list above are you going to buy? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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