Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Home improvement products that every Indian house must have

Updated on Jul 13, 2021 02:29 PM IST  |  233.3K
Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Home improvement products that every Indian house must have
Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Home improvement products that every Indian house must have

Every Indian home has certain essentials that over a period of time gets restocked as in a way we can’t live without them. No, I ain’t speaking about food but products that make our existence so much easier. Especially during this phase of life where home is the only place you tour around, here are 8 products that can help you run the home smoothly. And as a part of Amazon deal of the day, these home improvement items are available at slashed prices making it easier for you to grab them all right away.  

Door Bottom Sealing

This 36 Inch slip guard stops the door from banking the wall and ceases that annoying sound. Especially during this monsoon season where winds drive at their maximum speed, these bottom sealings are a must-have to save your door, wall and also the floor.


Price: Rs 499

Deal: Rs 175

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No-Dust Broom

Strong broomsticks are another major tool that Indian homes can’t live without. But most times the broom generates its own dust and sheds off soon. But this non-dust broom comes with flat fibre for fine dust removal and is very much flexible and reaches all corners.


Price: Rs 280

Deal: Rs 270

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Duty Gloves

Hand hygiene is very important. Like most times, it’s just one person cleaning all the plates and dishes that everybody uses at home, duty gloves become essential to protect your hand from harmful bacteria, contagious viruses and also keep them soft and young.


Price: Rs 150

Deal: Rs 100

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Soap Dispenser 

Using soap directly from the bottle often leads to wastage and the product finishing off even before the month-end. With a soap dispenser, you can save on your cleaning liquid and also easily use them in the required amount.


Price: Rs 155

Deal: Rs 149

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Bucket Spin Mop

If you still are using old clothes and towels to sit and wipe the floor, it’s high time to ditch that and pick the spinning mop which also you can stand and clean. Microfibre technology helps lift and trap dirt with a unique easy-clean surface for superior cleanliness.


Price: Rs 1300

Deal: Rs 969

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Sponge Wipe and Steel Scrub

The cellulose-based sponge cleans any mess in a single swipe while the steel scrub is tough on the heavy and burnt utensils but is soft to hold. Together these sponges make the best pair to clean all utensils extremely well. 


Price: Rs 425

Deal: Rs 370

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This liquid cleaner gives you unbeatable cleaning on greasy soil and particulate matter. Its thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents removes tough stains and makes sure you are safe and in a clean environment. 


Price: Rs 172

Deal: Rs 153

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Wall Shelves

Space-saving designer wall-shelves are the next big thing you need to add an aesthetic feel to your home. It makes your home feel more productive and also helps you organise your stuff easily.


Price: Rs 1699

Deal: Rs 249

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