Amazon Deal of the Day: Sustainable kitchen products you need to upgrade your lifestyle the greenway

Sustainability is a way of life and it’s with the products you use on an everyday basis. Here are 8 kitchen utilities to replace your plastic on non-biodegradable kitchen accessories. Check it out!

Updated on Jul 09, 2021 12:27 PM IST  |  450K
Amazon Deal of the Day: Sustainable kitchen products you need to upgrade your lifestyle the greenway
Amazon Deal of the Day: Sustainable kitchen products you need to upgrade your lifestyle the greenway
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A kitchen is not complete without the tools and utilities that we use on a daily basis. If you are an environment-conscious person you must know the importance of sustainability in the current world. We have already wounded earth the maximum and if we refrain from taking the green route yet, it's going to be dangerous for human life to sustain on earth. It's high time to be sustainable and you can join the bandwagon by simply opting for these kitchen products and then moving on to build a 100 percent sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable Starter Kit 

With a motive to make you a hero from zero in your sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, this gift set includes 3 silicone ziplock bags, 3 organic cotton produce bags,  a metal straw set and 1 big mesh shopping bag.


Price: 38 USD

Deal: 36.99 USD

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Kitchen Dish Cleaning Set

Most of the cleaning equipment in the kitchen are made from non-biodegradable plastic. You can replace those foes of the earth with eco-friendly products which equally do the job perfectly. Made of high-quality natural and biodegradable bamboo wood and plant fibre bristles, these kitchen brushes are long-lasting, saving you both time and money. 


Price: 25.99 USD

Deal: 21.87 USD

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Reusable Produce Bags

If you are still storing your products in a plastic bag or going shopping every weekend without a cloth bag, it’s high time for you to start acting environment-conscious. Organic net-zero produce bags are a great way to make a difference by promoting a sustainable lifestyle, a thoughtful and useful gift for anyone who supports a plastic-free environment.


Price: 25.55 USD

Deal: 21.55 USD

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sponge

Made with a natural coconut fibre scrubber and wood cellulose sponge, these kitchen utility sponges outlast 30 rolls of paper towels and will biodegrade naturally at end of life.


Price: 15.99USD

Deal: 12.99 USD

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You can also opt for plant-based scrubbers that work as useful assistants alongside you in your daily activities. The persistent part of the oldest loofah is selected, flattened then joined and sewed together with cotton thread to make these thick and densely made-up, long-lasting scrubbers.


Price: 9.99USD

Deal: 7.99 USD

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Compostable Trash Bags

These compostable bags are made from plant starches and contain no polyethene making them a great eco-friendly item that’s durable, non-toxic and easy to use. Replace your black plastic trash bags with these green ones right away!



Deal: 18.95 USD

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Wooden products

Upgrade your old rusted plastic plate racks and other mini products like salt-pepper grinders with wooden high-quality products that last longer and also add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. These wooden or bamboo products won't stain from dishes, food, or soaps and also allow thorough air drying before storing.



Deal: 19.59 USD

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Deal: 29.59 USD

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Are you ready to take up a sustainable lifestyle?

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