Belgian Style Home Decor: Follow THESE tips and rules to get it right

Want to get Belgian style home decor for your new home or revamping existing home as per this theme? Then you are at the right place. Read on to know some vital tips and rules.
Home Decor,home decor,Belgian Style Home decorBelgian Style Home Decor: Follow THESE tips and rules to get it right
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Belgian style home decor is one of the global styles that balance both traditional and contemporary components. Basically its is more polished than Shabby Chic and a little more masculine than Swedish Style, the rooms and house are a little more rustic but beautiful. In a few words, the Belgian home decor theme is a mix of old, new, simple yet luxe elements. If you want to follow this decor style for your next home or revamp your home, then you are at the right place as today we are sharing some tips and rules that will help you to get the right Belgian style when it comes to decor. 

Some of the most common patterns you will find are neutral colours and shades, organic stuff and oversized furniture. So, if you want the aesthetics of warmth, plenty of room, comfort you should definitely opt for this decor theme. 

Warm and neutral hues
One of the main characteristics of Belgian interior decor is neutral colours that adds warmth and a sense of peace in the environment. So, you can go fo soft colours like light browns, chalky taupes, grays and beige based hues, tones and shades.

Usage of linen
Linen is commonly used in Belgium and that's why it is also a staple when it comes to home decor. So, incorporate this type of material as much as you can like for curtains and upholstery among others.

Natural elements
Organic materials, like natural and weathered wood and stone, play a major part. Yes, you won't find polished and impeccably finished accents. The theme involves furniture and other elements in natural form, such as the raw wood and chalky ceramics among others.

Big furniture 
Oversized furniture with linen upholstery is another key aspect. So, make sure to buy big and natural-looking furniture. Go for antique armoires, chairs and benches made from raw woods and mix them with modern items for balance and perfect mix and match.

You will also find Patina laced furniture and decor pieces in the Belgian style homes. So, Patina is the appearance of oxidation on metals. This gives decor elements vintage and timeworn look. So, go for antique sculptural artwork and natural, aged wood or deliberately add patinas to art and furniture to simulate antiquity.

New and modern stuff
Along with natural and Patina elements, you can also add new and modern furniture and decor pieces to enhance the look and appeal. You can also go for industrial elements. For accessories and decorative items, you can buy wicker baskets, piles of logs by the fireplace, wooden bowls and faux moss among others. 

Natural light 
Considering the emphasis is on natural stuff and elements, it should not be surprising that Belgian homes and rooms have a good source of natural light. Sunlight from big windows offer more softness and warmth and makes your home more inviting and that's what Belgian decor is all about.

Less clutter
Oversized furniture and layers of organic elements should not lead to cluttered space as simplicity is the basic tenet of this style. So, layering and placing of the above-mentioned element should not overwhelm the space. Not all nooks and corners should be filled with stuff and this is even followed by Scandinavian and hygge interior styles. 

In short, the defining characteristics of Belgian style are neutral colour palette, raw woods, lots of texture, antique furniture and burnished metals.

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