Birthday decor essentials that you shouldn't avoid

Updated on Oct 01, 2021 01:12 PM IST  |  120.1K
Birthday decor essentials that you shouldn't avoid
Birthday decor essentials that you shouldn't avoid

Birthday is the most joyous day as it is meant for celebrating emotions. Birthday decor adds some more shine to the birthday blast and makes it a big hit. Be it adults or kids, birthdays are celebrated with immense enthusiasm but are incomplete without fancy fairy lights, cake, foil curtains and most importantly balloons. The planning of birthday parties always begins with birthday decorations. And balloons kickstart some dazzling birthday decorations plans that ultimately leave the guests in awe.

Here are some birthday decor essentials that you shouldn’t avoid to make the birthday of your near and dear ones cherishable!

1. Electric Balloon Inflator

Pumping balloons is always a tedious task. But this electric balloon inflator makes it a matter of seconds. A room full of balloons is loved by adults and kids. In order to prevent drainage of energy, an Electric Balloon Inflator is a saviour. This inflator requires a power supply with AC 220V-240V. It has the capability to pump all kinds of balloons and inflatable toys effortlessly. With two nozzles at the top, it inflates two balloons in a jiffy. This electric machine is portable and can inflate more than 50 balloons in a go.


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2. Birthday Decoration Balloon Arch Tape

Tired of brainstorming ideas for making balloons the talk of the day? This balloon arch tape can help you to make mind-blowing balloon garland decorations. After inflating balloons, they can easily be clustered with the support of this arch tape. All that you have to do is to pull the knot of the inflated balloon through the holes of the tape and lock it. Create long garlands or whales in seconds and hang it on stands, ceilings, or walls. What's more? These tapes are durable, resistant and can be reused for multiple events and occasions. Now birthday decorations with balloon garlands can highlight your creativity levels. 


Price: Rs. 170

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3. Balloon Stand

Running out of time for birthday decorations? Balloon stand is at your rescue. This stand holds seven balloons and can be placed at the corners of the cake cutting table or anywhere at the birthday venue. It has seven balloon sticks, cups, and a base. It is the number 1 birthday decor essential that you shouldn't avoid if you want your inflated balloons to be displayed easier. Attractive decorations are a matter of minutes with multiple balloon stands. After inflating balloons, attach them to the cups and insert the balloon sticks for easy assembly. This  birthday accessory  can prevent the flying of balloons and can bring hysterical fun to your birthday parties.


Price: Rs. 179

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4. Foil Curtains and Birthday Banner

Birthday banners and balloons go hand in hand. But foil curtains steal the show. These foil curtains come in multiple colours to add a lot more glitter to your birthday parties. With accurate dimensions and sizes, the curtains compliments the birthday banner and balloons. Hang these curtains to a rope or stick them to the wall and you are partially done with the birthday decoration. 


Price: Rs. 299

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These economical birthday essentials will save your energy that you wish to drain later in the party. It not only creates an impressive backdrop for clicking pictures but also is a mood changer for the guests. The twinkling eyes of the birthday girl or boy can match the twinkle of your fondly decorated walls. If you avoid any of the above birthday decor accessories, you are in great loss!


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