Check out THESE easy tips to look after your indoor plants during autumn

Autumn means falling leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It also means that it's time to take special care of your indoor plants
Check out THESE easy tips to look after your indoor plants during autumn
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As you might have noticed, the temperature changes in fall can be dramatic from day to night. And just like humans trying their best to adjust to the changing temperatures, your plant needs a little extra care too. Modifying light, watering schedules, and bringing plants indoors will make the transition in this fleeting season as smooth as possible. The season of autumn also means there will be shorter days ahead and the temperatures will start to drop. This will result in less sunlight and drier air indoors. These small changes can actually have a big impact on indoor plants. For the most part, the care for indoor plants will remain unchanged in the fall as compared to summer, spring or winter. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind to keep your plants healthy during autumn. These tips are simple and very easy to remember!

1. Pump up the light levels

Check the amount of light your plants are getting. Since the days are getting shorter, your plants are also receiving less sunlight. Switch the position of your indoor plants and out them on the windowsill rather than deep inside a room. Rotating your plants once a week also ensures that all sides of your plants get enough sunlight!

2. Cut back on watering

In colder months, plants need less water since they are getting less light and growing more slowly. Water your plants once every two days or every alternate day if the indoors are really dry. Check the soil to make sure it’s completely dry before watering again.

3. Reduce fertiliser usage

Foliage growth slows down during the colder months. Your plants will be able to function just fine without fertilisers until the next spring. Make sure there’s enough water and sunlight for proper functioning of the plants.

4. Group indoor plants together

Plants are self-sufficient and capable of looking after themselves. Group like-plants together to increase humidity. Avoid any extreme changes in temperature and keep your plants away from sudden gusts of heat or cold.

5. Keep an eye out for bugs

Fall is the prime breeding time for indoor plant bugs. Be sure to inspect the leaves and soil for any signs of bug infestation. If you find any, start on a treatment right away.

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