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Decorating your home? Here are some ways you can keep your décor eco friendly

It’s essential to go green and live an eco-friendly life. Go sustainable with your home décor.
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Having your own home can be an amazing thing. You can have your own space and decorate it just how you want. Our home is a reflection of our personality. We want it to be perfect and just the way we’ve imagined it to be for years. When we decorate our homes, we give it a touch of ourselves and our love. Just a few things here and there can change the way a plain room looks. We decorate it with furniture and curtains and rugs and we add all the colors. We paint the walls. Decorating an entire house is a huge task and it requires a lot of love and effort. The same way the Earth is our home and we need to ensure that while we decorate our tiny home, we don’t damage our bigger home. It’s essential to do your bit to go green and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Here are some tips to ensure that you have an eco-friendly home décor.

1. Use plants to decorate your home. It makes your home and your home greener and eco-friendly. They help purify the air and increase the oxygen in the environment. It adds a touch of nature and greenery in your home.

2. Go green and buy second-hand furniture instead of having new furniture made or buying new furniture. When you buy pre-loved furniture, you save a few lives and a few trees.

3. Don’t throw away old things and furniture. Instead, reuse and repurpose it. Including clothes. They too leave a huge carbon footprint. Try to reduce it as much as possible. Use that old broken mug as a pot.

4. Avoid getting rid of old things, donate or sell them instead. It’s okay to want new and fresh things for your new home but your old things should not harm nature. It may end up in the hands of someone who may have better use of it.

5. Buy things from local artists instead of big brands. Local artists have a smaller carbon footprint as compared to brands. The brands emit more toxins during the production and also the shipping and packaging leave behind a huge carbon footprint.

6. While buying things for your home try to invest in sustainable materials instead of things that cost you much lesser. It’s not worth the loss you will suffer in the long run.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement