Do you have everything dispersed and want to organise your space? Check out THESE simple tips to do it

A cluttered and disorganised space can make you procrastinate urgent tasks. Learn these simple tips on how to get a clean and organised space.
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Have you ever wondered as to why you just can’t seem to finish your to-do list? Your cluttered workspace or desk could be the reason! A cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind. Cleaning up your space not only gives a fresh look to your workspace, but helps you focus on the tasks at hand. This is also an excellent way to prevent creating a mess of your space in the future. Regular organising and cleaning also helps you keep track of your belongings so you don’t waste time looking for them during crucial moments! If you have been planning on organising your space for a while now and just don’t know where to start, worry not. This list of simple tips and tricks will set you off in the right direction!



Use post-it notes


Colourful post-it notes are a great way to remember where you have stored your important belongings. Colour code your files and folders with post-it notes so you can quickly find a document when you are looking for it. You can also use post-it notes on your calendar to mark important dates and deadlines!



Create labels


Labelling your belongings can be a very therapeutic task. Mark you medicine boxes, spice jars, jewellery boxes and cosmetic pouches with labels. These labels come of great help when you are in a hurry. Just read the label in a second and don’t worry about adding salt to your tea instead of sugar!



Use holders and boxes


Holders and boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. Having separate storage space for every category of items on your work desk not only cleans up the mess on your desk, but also ensures that you don’t waste time looking for your favourite pen amidst a stack of pencil. Using storage spaces also clears out a massive area of your work desk, which you probably didn’t even know existed under all that mess!



Make an Organising Buddy


Get another person on-board with your project. Find someone who is also eager to clean up their desk and partner with them. As on Organising Buddy, you’ll be responsible for checking if your partner has cleaned their desk or not. They will do the same for you. A monthly check-in by your Organising Buddy will ensure that you clean up you space at a regular interval. Treat yourself to something if your Organising Buddy is impressed with your monthly clean-up!



Do a daily wipe down


This will only take a few minutes of your time. Wiping your work space every day before you start your work will energize. A clean desk encourages us to think clearly and focus better on the day ahead. Dust and grime often tends to collect, so a daily wipe down means a less strenuous cleaning drive that you’ll be doing monthly.

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