Expert tips to choose the best rugs and carpets that are useful and good for everyday basis

Are you confused as to which rug and carpet to choose to decorate your abode? Then read on to know everything about choosing the best rugs and carpets for your home.
Expert tips to choose the best rugs and carpets that are useful and good for everyday basis Expert tips to choose the best rugs and carpets that are useful and good for everyday basis
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So now that you have that space you would like to spruce up, quarantine has and continues to give you ample time to rethink your home, browse through Pinterest and pin your dream pieces to pull together your hose making it a home.

Good Housekeeping lies in finding a good balance to bounce off, the vibes need to come together, and it flows from the ground up. Here are a few pointers to keep an eye out for.

1. Cut Pile 

Well, as the name suggests, a cut pile carpet has straight strands that are cut and twisted. This, as a carpet texture-wise, tends to be fairly soft, this does mean that you can see marks such as footprints and vacuum streaks. There are different types, such as:

● Saxony, velvet or plush

● Textured

● Twist pile

But depending on the vibe of your home, this carpet does bring out that extra jazz into space.

2. Low Pile Carpet 

The height of the threads of your carpet, or fuzzies as kids like to call it, affects the wear, the appearance and the overall feel of the material. When you go in for a short pile carpet, note that it has a yarn cut to 0.25” or less, thus, over time, due to friction or pressure this may squish down further.

3. Plush Carpet 

If you are in the market for a new carpet, you have, for sure heard of the Saxony plush, it is one of the most popular varieties, which has short tufts that are densely packed to look like a thick carpet. It doesn’t tend to wear it over time, but then that is for 10-15 years. An added feature of the plush style is, it can be trimmed off so that yarn ends poke up. 

4. Textured Carpet 

This has been a huge trend so far into 2021 with neutrals and minimalism making a huge splash as people are focusing more on the little details. These textured carpets feature strands of varying lengths, that blend to create a feeling of depth and variety.

5. Level Loop Pile

A level loop pile is a kind of yarn that has glue on both sides, this enables the strands to be levelled at the same height. This type of carpet is ideal for high-traffic households, which are prone to a lot of hustle and bustle throughout the day.

6. Berber Carpet 

The Berber carpet is well known to create a nubby texture with its complete yarn loops that stand upright; though it still tends to wear better than cut-pile, because it is less likely to tuft or shed over time.

7. Patterned Loop Pile 

Want to add that pop of colour to your living space giving it that added touch of razzle-dazzle that will wow, anyone who lays their eyes on it? Then, look no further, the patterned loop pile is ideal as it uses varying heights and colours to create interesting designs and textures in the carpet.

8. Cut-Loop Pile 

A cut-loop pile features a mixture of yarn styles, this helps bring out the best of the pattern world and the best of textures and bring it together in the form of a rug that carpets the floor.

We hope our guide has helped you understand how to choose the perfect contact rug that shall carpet your living space, draw from inspiration as you go and you are sure to have a space that looks exquisite from ceiling to the floor.

About the author: Ashish Dhingra is the founder of Obsessions. 

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