Feng Shui: How to use mirrors for positive energy in your house

Did you know you can bring positive energy to your house with mirrors? Mirrors are used in many Feng Shui applications. Here is everything you need to know.
Feng Shui: How to use mirrors for positive energy in your house
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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional practice that involves the flow of positive energy also known as qi. It can be done by looking at your living space and striking a balance with your surroundings to maximize your potential for success in life. Even if you don’t believe in feng shui, there is no denying the benefits of living in a space that exudes positivity. There are different ways you can incorporate feng shui in your house, mirrors being one. 

Mirrors are used in many feng shui applications. It is even referred to as “aspirin”. The method of adding small objects like mirrors to improve qi (energy) of the space is known as the “method of minor additions.” According to this aesthetic, the mirror embodies the element of water, which is formless and can adapt to the surroundings. Similarly, the strategic placing of mirrors according to feng shui can expand your view and help you become more familiar with your surroundings. 

Here are the types of mirror used in feng shui applications. 

Concave Mirrors 

Concave mirrors are shaped inwards which, according to feng shui, can take in all the negative energy (sha chi), rather than reflecting it outwards. It is majorly used to neutralize the energy in the house and continuously attracts good chi into the house. 

Convex Mirrors 

Convex mirrors are shaped like the outside of the bowl. They help you get a wider view which can be protective. However, it is also believed that a convex mirror will bounce the energy of whatever is reflecting in it. For example, if it’s a beautiful garden then it will attract positive energy. So make sure that what is reflecting in this mirror should be enriching that can help improve your life. 

Bagua Mirrors 

Bagua mirrors have an octagonal shape with a round mirror at its centre. Each side of the octagonal frame has three lines, known as trigram – used to symbolize an aspect of life. They can be concave, convex or flat. However, flat mirrors are considered neutral and can attract both bad and good energy. It is recommended that this mirror should only be used under the supervision of an expert. 

Mirrors to avoid 

Don’t use any mirrors that are cloudy, broken, obscured, distorted or disconnected pieces like a mosaic. You should also avoid mirrors with sharp shapes. Don’t worry if you have these shapes of the mirror in your house, the mirror you have is not a feng shui mirror so it shouldn’t create a problem for you. 

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