Find out the importance of Yagya and how beneficial it is in removing negativity from home

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Find out the importance of Yagya and how beneficial it is in removing negativity from home

As per Bhagwat Gita, in Vedic Hinduism, a home, also known as havan, is a fire ritual performed on special occasions by a Priest.  The practice starts by impetrating the fire god to enter the havan kund and bless the premises for the success of the havan. Then all the participating members offer their respective ahutis to the Agni Dev. When the flames come in contact with the environment, the belief is that the Agni Dev has been participating in the Yagya and blessing the participants resulting in the fulfilment of their desires. When the holy samagri turns into ashes, the remains are distributed amongst the participants to apply whenever they feel the need to re-energise themselves.


-Vedas described Yagya which is considered a road to a happy peaceful life. It leaves a long-lasting impact on minds.


-Mantras eliminates negativity from the mind, body, soul and atmosphere.


-Yagya has a positive effect on resolving multiple issues as it clears negativity and makes the mind stronger.


-They can be performed to seek blessings.


-When performed regularly it embeds the practitioners with peace and harmony in all aspects of life.


Removing junk is the first step in removing the negative energies. The negative energies attract bad luck. Mantra chanting produces vibrations which in universe multiplies and comes back to us, this helps in cleaning the human body aura. 


Samagri used in Yagya has so much importance in removing negativity. The ashes and heat which get produced from it heal the human body and mind. When you sit in front of Agni, the body toxins get released and thus, make you healthy.


Yajna is an ancient scientific practice performed by our sages since the beginning of our ancient Sanatana Dharma.  The first famous physician to encourage this practice was King Daksha, father of our holy deity Avatar "Sati".  The pandemic that rocked the world in 2020 brought the world to the core. The world that sank to fight negativity.  



 In today's time and age, where everyone is facing a physical, mental and financial crisis. People are wandering to gain relief and peace of mind and the only saviour to erase all negativity is the practice of sacred yoga. 


After seeing this sad plight of the world, Shiva Sadhika Maa Vishwaroop resorted to the yajna and she says that reciting the mantra creates an atmosphere in which air and fire dissolve when the atmosphere is pure. The correct pronunciation of mantras produces a vibration such as positive energy that purifies your chakras and it keeps on multiplying. 


In earlier times the houses were built keeping in mind the five Tatars which wiped out all the bad effects of Vastu, but nowadays the population is increasing day by day, there is not enough land to accommodate the people. So, people are adjusting to homes that are astrologically defective, resulting in various crises that are unnecessary.  This problem could easily be avoided by performing a yajna in daily life.

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