Follow these 5 EASY ways to combat clutter and organise your home

Nobody likes a cluttered home. It can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Follow these 5 simple tips to combat clutter and organise your home and life.
Follow these 5 EASY ways to combat clutter and organise your home
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Clutter is something that occupies the pride of place in all our homes. You are constantly looking for things but can never find them. We all are guilty of hoarding too much stuff. It can be because it has a sentimental value or maybe because we just don’t have the time to sort things out. 

Being in a house full of clutter and unnecessary stuff can affect our mental health and can result in us feeling anxious and tired. Decluttering is essential to improve the quality of our lives and to make our house organised and neat. Here are some simple ways to combat clutter at home and live a hassle-free life.

Discard things that you don’t use

This is probably the most obvious step of decluttering. Learn to let go of things that you haven’t used in a while. Do this every six months, to develop a habit of decluttering.

Take one room at a time

Organising the whole house in one go can be quite a task. So, target one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed and assign different tasks to different family members. 

Organise important papers

We all have a bunch of important papers whether it is our original documents or financial papers. Keep a separate shelf just for these important papers to prevent them from getting misplaced.

Clean your cupboard

There are tons of clothes that do not fit anymore or are out of season now. Sort them out and donate those clothes to someone who needs them.

Sort out the pantry

The kitchen pantry is a place where we all keep a variety of ingredients. However, it is more often than not the most cluttered place because there are a bunch of items that might have expired or might have gone bad. So keep one day just for the kitchen to organise your ingredients.

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