Follow these steps to set up a vegetable garden in your balcony

You too can have the luxury of picking chemical-free, fresh and homegrown vegetables from your balcony. Check out the essential things to keep in mind while growing vegetables in your apartment.
Follow these steps to set up a vegetable garden in your balcony
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Who doesn’t want fresh, pesticide-free, delicious vegetables growing in their backyard? But when you are living in a city, it can be tough to find a big enough space for your vegetable garden. The next best option is your balcony. A vegetable garden does not require much space and growing one in your balcony can be quite therapeutic.


Your balcony is anyway dull and dusty and needs some greenery to perk it up. Moreover, it is another level of satisfaction altogether that you get when you have the luxury to go to your balcony and pluck out a fresh, juicy tomato. So, follow these steps to grow a vegetable garden in your balcony.



Choosing the right kind of container for your vegetable garden is important. You can go for clay pots, plastic pots, or even a container as simple as a bucket to grow your kitchen garden. The only thing to keep in mind is to make holes in the bottom so the water can get drained out easily. 


If you are a beginner and not very well-versed with the rules of gardening, then opt for the vegetables that are easy to grow like green chillies, tomatoes, coriander and brinjals. You can also start with herbs as they are quick to grow and easy to maintain.


The kind of soil your plant is growing in makes all the difference. Many nurseries have a ready-made potting mix which includes soil, compost and cocopeat. Keep tilling it regularly to make sure that the soil absorbs the water and seeps the extra.



Different plants require a different amount of water. Keep watering your plants as per requirement and be careful to not overwater them in winters. Keep them in direct sunlight for your vegetable garden to truly flourish.

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