French Country Style Home Decor: Follow THESE vital elements to get it right

French Country Style Home Decor: Keep in mind these important elements and essential tips to achieve the look. Read on to know more.
Home Decor,French Country Style Home DecorFrench Country Style Home Decor: Follow THESE vital elements to get it right

When we say Provence and French countryside, the image of rusty old world charm with fields and sunshine comes in our mind. So, if you are looking for a warm and casual feel then the French countryside home decor can be your choice. Today we are talking about certain elements that will help you to achieve the exact vibe and feel. So, want to get transported to France's countryside by just decorating your home or adding a few touches then read on. 

The common features of this home decor theme are stone walls and floors, wooden but distressed ceiling beams and timbers, irregular plastered walls, contrasting colour palette of bright and subtle hues and passed-down furniture and accent pieces. You can either go all out and follow the theme or add hints of it in your room or home by adding some rustic hues and texture and eclectic mix of traditional furniture.

Read on to know important elements one has to keep in mind if they are planning for this decor theme:

For warm and comfortable feels, one should stick to the warm side of the color wheel. Sunny yellow, soft gold, burnt rusty red, blacks, grays, grass colored green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones are some of the right hues and shades that will help you to achieve the charm and vibe. 

Mostly you will find contrasting colour combo. So, pale walls (pastel hues and creamy whites) and ceilings can be teamed up with dark wood beams, rusted metal furniture, lighting fixtures, provencal printed fabrics. The idea to not have too harsh or bright at the same time. 

Natural materials are an important element so go for rough stained, plaster walls, beamed ceilings and walls, woven chair seats and rugs. stone floors and fireplace, herbs, copper pots, and iron accessory pieces. 

You can either go for the new or upgrade old rustic furniture that has curved panels, hand-carved and made from raw wood. Armoire to store pans, bed, linen and tableware is another hallmark of French country style.

One can select a large dining table with dull wax or low-sheen finish. The tables and chairs often have curved and carved designs. 

Flooring can be of stone, clay, brick or wooden boards. The idea to get the old-world charm.

Narrow windows with growing vines encircling around will add more appeal.

Speaking of fabric, traditional fabrics with basic plaids, checks, and stripes will work. Make sure to add provencal prints with primary hues of greens, lavenders, and bright orange.

Prints and motifs include roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes, and beetles. Toile is a traditional design used in fabrics. It's often found in a white, cream, or yellow with large prints in a single contrasting colour. 

The themes include farm animals, monkeys, Chinese patterns, bucolic country scenes and courting scenes from the 18th century. Mostly they are printed on linen or cotton.

Accents and decor pieces include woven or wire baskets, iron candle holders, colorful ceramics, heavy pottery water pitchers, colourful tablecloths, carved wood pieces, vintage ornate mirrors, statuesque lamp bases, chinoiserie pottery and paintings. 

Add natural flowers in old pitchers or copper pots or glass vases. Not just inside, add flowers such as geraniums and lavender outside the windows or gallery area as well.

Speaking of a french country inspired kitchen, for right feels add jars holding staples. You can buy them from thrift shops or garage sales. Add hand-painted or printed labels or print them on your own. 

You can also add grocery signs, wall plaques or metal signs, wrought iron wall planter to hang pots for wall decor. 

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