French Countryside Décor Style: Here’s how to let the cultural part of France flourish in your house

French Countryside Décor style is in trend again. If you are thinking to adorn your abode with this home décor theme, you can take help from these exclusive tips shared by Bhawana Bhatnagar, Founder, CASA Exotique.
French Countryside Décor Style: Here’s how to let the cultural part of France flourish in your house
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French countryside décor is back in trend and it is the perfect décor style for your abode. There’s something special about this style of décor, and even though it may look effortless, it follows a certain philosophy that seeks out perfection in imperfections. If you want your home to reflect the magnificent French countryside style, then these exclusive tips from Bhawana Bhatnagar, Founder, CASA Exotique will help you to achieve it.

It is inspired by the alluring French countryside

As the name indicates, this style of décor is inspired by the breath-taking French countryside. Although the French decor tends to be highly ornate and a little bit over-the-top, this style utilises the traditional elements in a more relaxed, distressed and subdued manner. Weathered and whitewashed woods and neutral colour palettes are the staples of this style.

It is all about the balance

French countryside décor is one of the few styles that strikes a perfect balance between the rustic and the elegant. This style focuses on functionality and comfort while preserving the elegance of French décor. This kind of décor represents the best of both worlds – it is awe-inspiring and eye-catching while being comforting and welcoming as well.

Elements of Nature

French countryside décor incorporates several elements of the rustic style – the use of the natural materials being one of the more prominent features. Ceilings with wooden beams, stoned or wooden floors, and a stone fireplace, etc. are some of the common characteristics of the country décor. The focus is always on creating a lived-in feel. Hence, the furnishings aren’t too polished or tawdry. Subtle elegance defines this style.

Neutral palette with warm accents

Even though the foundation of the palettes is usually neutral, warmer tones are used to add accents and character to the interiors. You can go for any colour you want; just make sure that you use a warmer shade. The reason for doing so is that it creates a more welcoming aura, which is what the French countryside décor is all about. You aren’t forbidden from using darker colours, but try to use them minimally – often to break up and add contrast to the bold colours.

Beauty is in the curves

Unlike modern furnishings that tend to have clean lines and angular structure, the French country uses furniture with curved lines to achieve a relaxed, flowy atmosphere. If you are thinking about getting curved furnishings for your home, make sure they aren’t too ostentatious. The idea is to exude lazy elegance – not deliberate tawdriness.

Play with patterns

A French country house is incomplete without patterns. Patterns add class and character to the house and there are a variety of patterns that you can choose from plaids, checks, stripes, toile fabric among others. Most prints are usually made of linen or cotton.

So, these are the basic elements of the French countryside décor. By keeping the fundamental philosophy in mind and playing around with ideas, you can let the culture of France flourish in your house.

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