Give love and attention to your plants by following THESE 5 tips

Taking care of your houseplants is necessary. Be it watering them frequently, providing adequate sunlight or tilling when required, there are some things to always keep in mind to help your plants flourish.
Give love and attention to your plants by following THESE 5 tips
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Having plants in your home not only adds greenery but also positivity and vibrancy to your home. They purify the air and add colour to your interiors. Taking care of your plants can be a tough task if you are not well-versed with the list of things to do. To begin with, all plants require water and light to grow and flourish.

Apart from these basic things, there are many more things that one needs to keep in mind to have healthy plants. Here is a list of 5 such things to consider to nourish your plants and help them grow.


It is very essential for every planter you own to have proper drainage. Proper drainage refers to the holes in the bottom of the planter that help get rid of the excess water in your plants, in case you overwater them. Keep a tray under the planter to protect the floor.

Underwatering is better

At times, it is a natural tendency to water your plant a lot if you feel that it is getting dried up. However, overwatering your plants does more harm to them than underwatering. So avoid getting carried away while watering your plants.

Prune the plants

To make your plant truly flourish, keep trimming and removing the brown leaves or any weeds if any from your plant. This will help your plant to grow better as when you remove the dried leaves from a branch, is when new leaves will get space to grow.


It can be a little tricky and intimidating to repot your plants as you may fear damaging the roots of your plants. However, it becomes essential when you have overwatered them and there is water floating on top.

Assess the light 

Every plant has a different kind of requirement when it comes to sunlight. Some plants require direct sunlight while others can even flourish in lowlight. So, assess the kind of light you have in your space and then accordingly choose plants for that area.

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