Give yourself a luxurious life with these 10 products

Make yourself feel special and loved with these luxurious products that you will not regret buying.
Give yourself a luxurious life with these 10 products Give yourself a luxurious life with these 10 products
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With the ongoing pandemic a lot of us have been spending most of the time in our homes. Even our work has been shifted to our homes. Hence, it is important to make your homes feel even more homey and comfortable. A little luxury never hurts and living life king size should be our go-to motto. After all, we all deserve a little pampering after the dreadful times that we have had to go through. In order to make your lives a little better and a lot more comfortable, we have made a list of products that will make you feel like royalty and make staying at home funa after all. 

Cloth Fusion Pacifier Microfibre Reversible AC Comforter

Have you ever felt too cold with the AC on and too hot with the AC off and you just cannot find a middleground? We have found the perfect solution to your problems with this soft, cosy and lightweight reversible double comforter that feels like a warm hug after a long and tiring day. It will provide you with a rich and luxurious feel and keep you protected against allergens. Now you can cocoon yourself in this cosy comforter and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep. 


Price: Rs.1619

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DRUNKEN Slipper for Women Flip Flops 

This adorable pair of soft room slippers will feel nice, warm hug to your feet while you are roaming around your house. The slippers are comfortable, lightweight and feature a durable rubber sole. You can just slip onto them every morning right as you step out of your bed and start your day on a soft and warm note. 


Price: Rs.269

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Solimo Cotton Unisex Bathrobe

On days when you just feel like lounging around in the house, or when you just want to have a relaxing night in with some popcorn and a movie, then this bathrobe will make for just the perfect attire. It is soft, comfortable and durable and the velvet like finish lends a luxurious appeal. 


Price: Rs.1519

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Infinity (JBL) Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker

Make every second of your life feel musical and dreamy with this portable wireless speaker. You can carry around this compact speaker anywhere and play your favourite tunes in your bedroom or your bathroom. These speakers are waterproof and feature dual equaliser modes for normal and deep bass. It offers 9 hours of music playtime. 


Price: Rs.1299

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SleepyCat Cuddle Pillow 

Are you a cuddly sleeper but don’t have a partner to cuddle with? Do not worry cause we have got your back! This cuddle pillow will make for a most comfortable sleep companion. It is soft, fresh and breathable and makes a great support for side sleepers. It keeps dust and mites at bay and also provides an ideal support for to-be mothers. 


Price: Rs.1890

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Croma Coffee Maker

Make yourself a hot brewing cup of coffee every morning at the ease of your own kitchen with this 600 watt coffee maker. The anti-drip function allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the full brewing cycle is finished. The 5 cup capacity makes it perfect for large family gatherings. 


Price: Rs.1490

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The White Willow Memory Foam Cooling Gel Orthopedic Bed Pillow

Get a goodnight’s sleep with this cooling gel memory foam pillow which absorbs any extra heat away from the heads to ensure a cooler, refreshing sleep. This luxury sleeping pillow provides a therapeutic relief from neck pain and you will wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to face the day. 


Price: Rs.1139

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Pure Source India Ceramic Regular Lavender Aroma and 4 Tea Light Candle

Do you know the calming feeling that you get every time you enter a spa? What if we told you that you can bring that feeling home? This oil burner set will make you feel like you live in a spa and will give you all the luxurious vibes. The refreshing fragrance will enlighten your home interiors, and revitalise your mind, body and soul! 


Price: Rs.299

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Wipro Smart LED Bulb 

Live your life like a start with this smart LED bulb. You can operate this bulb from anywhere by simply connecting it to your smartphone and you can choose from 16 million colour shades. You can set the lighting mood as per the scenario and also control it through Alexa and google assistant. To top it all, you can schedule the Turn ON and turn OFF time as per your need.


Price: Rs.699

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Ross Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

This extravagant silicone comb will deep clean your hair and give a relaxing massage to your scalp that will release all your stress without causing any harm to the hair follicles. The bristles works the shampoo into your hair and removes dirt, dandruff and dead cells, making it easier and faster to wash your hair. It offers a perfect grip and stimulates blood flow to the scalp and oil glands. 


Price: Rs.299

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