Here are 10 ways to transform your house into a stunning lockdown home

The pandemic has forced us to stay inside our homes limiting our socialising plans. Work from home is the new normal and running the house whilst staying indoors is a new reality. To make our lives easier and our homes comfortable living space, these are the ways you can turn your house into a stunning lockdown home.
Here are 10 ways to transform your house into a stunning lockdown home
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Amidst the ongoing pandemic, our homes have become a temple, the sacred place where we perform all our daily activities like chores, office work, cooking, exercising, socialising and sleeping. This is a new reality that we need to accept and sooner the better. With socialising being limited to our homes and work from home is the new normal, everything has been confined to your bedroom space. It is normal to feel trapped on certain days when you feel like going out and having fun in the sun or to go on a walk in the park without the fear of catching a virus. Never had we imagined that we would miss going to the office more than sleeping in till late and staying indoors.

To avoid feeling trapped in our homes, or frustrated, we need to come up with ideas to make our living space breathable and comfortable. Your home should make you feel joy and bring out the creativity to divert it into work and chores. To feel motivated, one must start from their surroundings and by turning it into a positive space. If you’re feeling anxious or frustrated while staying indoors during work, these are the ways you can transform your house into a liveable lockdown home.

1. Create a cosy corner

Start from creating a cosy corner in your house. You can choose any corner in your bedroom, living room or even your balcony. Make this your sacred spot where you can come simply to unwind, introspect and be by yourself away from the chaos. You can put in cushions, white curtains, fairy lights, plants, tray table, books, rugs and blankets.

2. Get more plants

An instant mood booster, having more plants in your house certainly lifts your spirits up and makes you feel happy. It also purifies the air in your house and makes it toxin free.

3. Place a table in your room

To make you feel motivated, place a table in your room to shift your work from bed to a study table. This will neglect feelings of laziness in your body and it will make you want to get out of bed.

4. Arrange rugs

Throw in some colourful and abstract rugs in your living space wherever there’s more floor space. Placing rugs at home makes you feel grounded and at ease.

5. Create zones in your house

To minimize your living space and utilise it, create small zones in your houses like a reading zone, gym, music zone, gardening zone, and an office. This will motivate you to perform individual activities and won’t make you feel bored.

6. Set up a workstation

Work from home can get frustrating and there are days when you feel lazy. Set up a workstation that is in your living room or in some other corner of your house to avoid feeling lethargic and distracted. Make sure your workstation is secluded from the rest of the house and it includes a charging point nearby.

7. Paint your walls

You can take up creative projects at home during the weekends. Take a wall and decide to paint it with acrylic or water paints. You can paint floral patterns or anything that is easy and minimalistic.

8. Put fairy lights in your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a space to unwind and relax at night after a day of hard work. Put some fairy lights in your bedroom to create a mellow atmosphere at night to unwind.

9. Brighten up your living space

To make your house look liveable during the lockdown, switch to bright and colourful home decor pieces and furnishings. Get vibrant sofas, posters and paintings to make your living room look cheerful so that it boosts your mood instantly.

10. Perform a detox at home

As much as it is important to detox your body, it is also equally important to detox your home and make it look fresh and positive. Treat your home like your body that you need to keep it clean. You can get more diffusers, do a deep cleanse, and place flowers in corners or on tables.

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