Here’s how can you improve your living for enhanced mental and physical health

Updated on Jul 04, 2021 06:44 PM IST  |  175.2K
Tips for a healthy living

Post-pandemic, every individual is serious about health. The result is the emergence of the new World order, where people weigh every life option on health parameter. Home, being the crucial aspect of life, should not be left alone from this consideration.

Earlier, the decision regarding a home was made based on materialistic gains or showcasing ‘The Address’ to acquaintances. However, over the last year, people’s understanding of the importance of air quality and how it affects health has begun to shift. The time has come when people have to take the reins in their hands and ensure that the homes they choose to spend their life in have a meaningful impact on their health.

So what should you do?  Start by elevating the way of choosing a home to reside in. Do not get embroiled in the discussions regarding statistics, but understand the connection to common health concerns and how the environment around your home address it. The goal should be to look for wellness living. Without committing to a fundamental change in where and how we live. First, we need to understand that wellness is a multi-dimensional concept encompassing our physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and other dimensions. To be completely well, all components of life — mind, body and soul – must be in sync. So, Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Homz talks about improved living for enhanced mental and physical health.

Homes for good health

The present scenario calls for proactively designed and built homes to support the holistic health of the resident; the power of wellness living lies in its potential to foster wellness communities. The idea is to live in homes that promote health and wellbeing; to encourage a shift from passive to active wellness; to supplement bricks and mortar with programming that fosters social connections and healthy habits; to raise awareness that individual health and wellbeing is inextricably linked to broader environment and the people around us.

Healthy Surroundings

The solution lies in moving into spaces with options to add value to lifestyle and provide healthy surroundings. A wellness living necessitates amenities such as yoga pyramids, Hydroponic Farming for organic produce, meditation ground, sunbathing area, varieties of medicinal plants, separate entry and exit points for residents and other service personnel. Society should have ample open space and greenery. The moment has come to delve further into the connections between humans and nature, as well as between individual wellbeing, community and planet.

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