Here’s how you can optimise your living space by decorating the corners

There is a lot you can do with tiny corners in your house that are lying vacant waiting to be decorated to amplify your living space. Here are a few creative ways to decorate the empty corners in your house and give it a makeover. Check it out.
Here’s how you can optimise your living space by decorating the corners
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If you also have a knack for organising and decorating empty spaces then you have landed at the right place. We are here to give you 5 creative ways to decorate the empty corners in your living space that will give your house an instant makeover. There is a lot you can do with these tiny spaces that are lying vacant.

Decorating corners can be complicated but also exciting as you have less space and more ideas. By decorating the corners you can also maximise your bedroom or living room space and enhance its beauty by not going too extra. You can utilise this space to create several zones in your house and make it look neat and clean. 

These are the ways you can decorate corners at home to optimise your living space:

1. Create a music zone

You can use these corners to create specific zones according to your taste and preference. You can create a music zone if you’re into music. Set up a listening booth where you can place your Marshall speakers on a wooden table and cool music posters on the wall of your favourite band. 

2. Bookshelves

This is a great idea for all bibliophiles. If you have a large collection of books, stack a pile of books on these bookshelves and place a tiny table along with a chair to finish up your reading. You can throw in some rugs or even a coffee table to make it look cosy.

3. Indoor garden

To purify and detox the air in your house, you can have a green zone in your house. Place indoor plants in one corner of your living or bedroom and create a greenhouse effect that will not only purify the air but it will also help soothe your mind.

4. Meditation zone

Throw in a yoga mat, plants and incense sticks to create a meditational zone. Make sure it is secluded from the rest of your house for no distractions.

5. Light it up

If you are someone who loves fairy lights and lamps, you can utilise this corner to illuminate your house with soft yellow lights to set the ambience. Use decorative lamps, floor lamps and fairy lights and create a pattern with lights to brighten up your otherwise dull and boring living room.

6. Workstation

Put a table and a chair, place your PC on the table and you’re set to go! During work from home days, you need a working space that will motivate you to work. Place coasters and plants on the table to decorate it.

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