Home Décor: THESE tips can help you to select the perfect curtains for your abode

Updated on Apr 09, 2020 11:21 PM IST  |  692.3K
Home Décor: THESE tips can help you to select the perfect curtains for your abode
Home Décor: THESE tips can help you to select the perfect curtains for your abode

Curtains are the most essential part of your home décor. They need to contrast with the wall colour perfectly to complement the entire decor. But it can get tricky. You may get confused while matching your curtains for the rooms. Also, curtains should not be blocking sunlight for the house. So, you also need to be extra conscious about the fabric. And you can even add some drapes to your curtains to enhance the complete look. Apart from that you can even add lining and accessories to the curtains.

So, there are several things to do to make your room pleasant due to the curtains. You also have to take care of your budget if it’s strictly limited. But it’s not so tough as it seems to be. If you can keep certain things in mind, then choosing curtains won’t be a headache for you.


Curtains for your home: You can follow these tips to get the perfect curtains.

1-  You have to choose the fabric of your curtains according to your home decoration and purpose. There are heavy velvet curtains, cotton curtains, light brocade curtains, etc. You can go for a heavier fabric if your home décor is based on a traditional theme. For minimal home décor, go for lightweight sheer fabric.

2-  For colours, generally you can pick a curtain that contrasts with your wall colours. But if you want it to look more vibrant, then try the colour-blocking idea with both walls and furniture for the curtains.

3-  If the furniture in the rooms is in bright colours, then you can go for printed designs on the curtains and vice versa.


4-  For accessories, you can try out valances and drapes for your curtains. Valances are the frilled fabric that is placed on the top of the window. They work perfectly if you want to add some embellishments to your home décor.

5-  If you want to maintain subtlety with your curtains and want them to blend with the background, then go for a neutral coloured curtains. Choose a curtain that has a very light design. So, semi-sheer curtains can be a good option for you because they don’t look bold.



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