Home Décor Tips: How to make your rooms smell refreshing and energising?

Updated on Aug 14, 2020 05:51 PM IST  |  554.9K
Home Décor Tips: How to make your rooms smell refreshing and energising?

Fragrance is one of the most important factors in home décor as it sets your mood and makes us feel energised. If rooms of your abode are having an odour, it makes a bad impression on guest and it’s bad for health as well. So, along with adorning your house with several ornamental things, you should also look after its ambience and odour and make sure that it smells good and refreshing.

You cannot use the same element for every room of your abode. There are different types of things that are used to provide a soothing fragrance to the rooms based on their purpose. So, here’s how can you make your rooms smell good.

Things to get a refreshing fragrance in your rooms:


Kitchen is always one of the busy areas of the abode. So, for this part, you need any citrus-based scents like lime, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, etc. Never pick any spicy or sweet fragrance. You can also opt for a rosemary herb for the kitchen area to make it smell good.


For the bedroom, you need something that will promote food sleep. So, sandalwood, vanilla, lavender, etc. are best for this area as they help to soothe the mind and brain, promote sleep, lower blood pressure and relax our body. Natural wax fragrance candles are also a great idea.

Living room

Scents of basil, sage, pomegranate, green apple, grapefruit are a great idea for this part of your home. If you want any richer note then go for amber, cardamom, almond, blackberry, ginger, etc. It will provide warmth in the living room making it more welcoming to the guests.


It may become tough to control the smell in the bathroom. So, it’s better to use a diffuser with essential oils for this part of the abode. It can also purify the air and kill the airborne bacteria efficiently.

Home office

If you have a separate room for your home office or have created a workstation in your bedroom or living room, it should also smell nice. So, use lemon scent for this as it will increase alertness thus helping in productivity.

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