10 Unique Home Decor tips and ideas to decorate your abode with mirrors

Mirrors make a great statement when used correctly for the home décor. So, here we have compiled some unique ways of using mirrors to revamp your house. Check them out right below.
10 Unique Home Decor tips and ideas to decorate your abode with mirrors
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Mirrors are not just for finding your beauty and flaws. It plays a major role in home décor as well. And if utilised properly, then mirrors can work wonders for making your own space look bigger and brighter. It doesn’t only mean to have some hanging mirrors on the wall. You can use it by many different ways to revamp your home decoration to make it look more vibrant.

Mirrors make reflections which create an illusion to make the room look larger. And creating your abode with different types of mirrors will surely convey your stylish sense of home décor. So, if you are thinking to redecorate your own cosy space with some mirrors, then here are some unique tips and ideas to adorn your house with mirrors. Check them out right below.

How to decorate your home with mirrors? Find out

1-   When it comes to adorning your bedroom with mirrors, then don’t just go with only round or rectangular shaped mirrors. Rather go for bolder ones; try some other geometric patterns for your mirrors to create a bold and unique look in your bedroom.

2-   If you want to increase the volume of a tiny space of your room, then bring a giant oversized mirror in it. This will open up the space by creating illusions.

3-   For your living room, you can opt for a pair of window-like mirrors to make it look more elegant.

4-   If you a gallery wall with numerous photo frames and other art pieces, then try for a mirror with intricate designs on its outer part to instantly pop up the gallery. This will make a statement.

5-   You can hang a gold-framed mirror over a traditional cabinet to brighten up the area. And the upper portion of the cabinet can be topped with glass jars, bowls and platters to complement the look.

6-   It will also look gorgeous if you can hang some mirrors of ancient style on the wall. It will bring a rustic look to your home décor.

7-   You can create a mirror gallery wall just by hanging only different types of mirrors on it. This will flaunt your collection of mirrors and easily catch your guest’s attention.

8-   For the bathroom, you can try out for an antique mirror to add some old charm to the space.

9-   Mirror doesn’t only mean to be normal geometric shapes to hang on the wall. You can opt for some pendant mirrors also to hang on your living room to flaunt your sense of style.

10- Painting the frame of a large mirror with some bright colours is another brilliant statement to make the home décor look more catchy. If you like to play with colours, then this is for you.

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