Home Decor Tips: THESE colour blocking ideas to give your home a bright look

Home Decor Tips: Thinking for home decor? Check out these colour blocking ideas to decorate your home in a different style.
Home Decor Tips: THESE colour blocking ideas to give your home a bright look
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Colour-blocking or colour contrasting is a style of using two different colours and pairing them up for creating a new combination. The colours should complement each other. Generally, this style is used in fashion that has been propagated from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. But this style can also be used for home decor. The colours should be chosen wisely so that they can complement each other. In this style, you can play with as many colours as you want and use them to decorate the sofas, cushions, walls, curtain, etc.

So, check out the easy colour blocking ideas to give your home a bright and unique look.

1. Colour blocking on walls
To create the colour-blocking effect on the walls of your room you can paint the walls with two contrasting colours. And then put some similar coloured items in the room to get that matching effect together. For this colour contrasting style, you can take some ideas from the internet, or refer to some pieces of artwork to get the colour combinations.

2. Try out with the table decor
You can always play with colours to decorate your table. The colours of seat covers, tablecloths, table mats, etc. can be in different colours but they should complement each other. Each of the item in your table can be in different colour but you have to arrange them in a way that they all will go with each other well.

3. Try something new with the curtains
Curtains are the most prime part of home decor. You can invent several decorating styles with them to give your home the best look. So, this time you can try some DIY ideas. Attach a fabric on the lower portion of the curtain which contrasts well with the colour of your curtain. But make sure the two colours of the curtain and the attached fabric go well with the walls as well. You can also keep the colour of your wall neutral.

4. Look out for the sofa
When you are putting colour-blocking style in your home decor then, of course, the sofa and cushions will play a vital role in it. Your plain sofa in the living room can instantly be popped up with some colourful cushions. The colours of the cushion should be contrasting to that of the sofa.

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