Home Decor: Choose THESE plants as per your zodiac signs

Thinking to bring a houseplant for home decor? Then you should consider choosing a houseplant based on your zodiac traits.
Home Decor: Choose THESE plants as per your zodiac signsHome Decor: Choose THESE plants as per your zodiac signs
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Houseplants play a major role in home decor as they add not only elegance but also calming vibe to it. Plants also purify the air and bring a charm to the corner where it is placed. However, you should be careful while choosing the houseplant. Most of the houseplants don't need too much watering or care but you have to remove some time to give attention to them.

While decorating your home with exotic houseplants, if you choose them based on your zodiac sign or traits then it would be great. Each zodiac sign has a different preference and taste so their liking for the plants would also be different. Some of us like quirky lifesaver plant, some go for cactus, some choose Peace Lily, while others go for Jade Plane. So, before you decide to adorn your home with any plant, get to know which one is best according to your zodiac signs.

Here is the list of houseplants you should choose based on your zodiac signs:

Aquarius- Lifesaver Plant
Aquarius people are unique so they would like a quirky lifesaver plant. These kinds of plants are exotic and they don't require too much watering. So, they would definitely compliment your easygoing free spirit.

Pisces- String of Pearls
Pisceans have a childlike enthusiasm. They can easily take on something like fun like a string of pearls. They need very low maintenance and its tiny white flowers with the soothing smell will only increase the charm of your room.

Aries- Cactus
You don't like to mess around and are known to make a statement. So, a cactus can be your choice. Being a desert plant, it doesn't require too much water or pampering. This will also suit your personality of getting bored with your current things to find something more exciting.

Taurus- Jade Plant
Taurus people are dependable and stable. Jade plant would be best to suit their personality. This plant has a calming presence and it goes well with any type of home decor. Their small leaves are considered to be a symbol of good fortune.

Gemini- Air Plant
Being an air sign, Air Plants will go well with your home decor and your personality. This little flowering plant doesn't need to be potted in soil. This can be used as a hanging plant which can be moved from one place to another in your home. This versatile feature of this plant would catch your attention the most.

Cancer- Mimosa Pudica
Cancerians are compassionate and sensitive and they enjoy going out of their way to take care of their loved ones. So, Mimosa Pudica would be a great fit for you. When the leaves of this plant are touched then they quickly fold into themselves. And they produce flowers in pink, yellow and purple shades which are appealing to your loving nature.

Leo- Rex Begonia
Your colourful personality would be best suited with the Rex Begonia plant. This plant comes in different shades of colours and styles that would allow you to flaunt any home decor that you like. They tend to grab attention when surrounded by other plants; that is quite similar to your personality.

Virgo- Prayer Plant
You are very particular about your needs and this trait of yours will be perfectly showcased by the Prayer Plant. They are a popular houseplant for having exciting patterns. The leaves of this plant fold up at night as they are folding their hands for prayers. They are easy to be taken care of but with certain strict guidelines. But someone like you can easily follow those parameters to pamper the plant.

Libra- Peace Lilies
Librans are peaceful, adaptable and get attracted to beautiful things. Peace Lily is a perfect match for your zodiac traits. They add elegance to your home decor and don't demand too much care.

Scorpio- Venus Flytrap
Scorpians are intimidating and mysterious because of which you will like Venus Flytrap the most. These plants are widely popular but not as a houseplant because of their intimidating presence.

Sagittarius- Snake Plant
You have a slightly reckless behaviour with a statement-making personality. Snake Plant would be a perfect fit for your home decor. These plants are tall and durable. They are also known to purify the air to prevent illness and allergies.

Capricorn- Juniper Bonsai Tree
You are traditional and dedicated to hard work. This personality of your makes you well suited for Juniper Bonsai Tree. They require a lot of maintenance which can perfectly be handled by the dedicated trait of your zodiac.

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