Home Decor Tips: HERE's how you can make your house pretty by adding some colour to it

Adding some colours to your house not only makes it look pretty, but it also adds a different vibe all together. If you are planning to redecorate your house, then here are some home decor tips for you.
Home Decor Tips: HERE's how you can make your house pretty by adding some colour to it
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Our homes define our personality. We spend quite a good amount of time at our homes, and hence it is our responsibility to keep it pretty and clean. And if you think that your house is looking a bit dull off lately, then maybe it needs some redecoration. While there are many ways to redecorate the house, the easiest and the most effective way is by colour-blocking it. Colour-blocking will not only add some colours to the house, but it will also set a new vibe altogether. 


While you might think that colour-blocking is too bold an option for you, it's not necessarily true. The trend can be used for creating sophisticated, fun and unique looks. You can put all your creativity in designing something that you would love. And if you are already inspired to colour-block your house, then here are some ideas that might be helpful to you.


Here are some colour-blocking ideas for the house. 


Colour block the walls:


If you love colours and don't mind experimenting a bit, then it's time to add some more colours to your wall. Ditch the traditional white and beige and try painting the walls with two contrasting colours. You can research about the colour scheme online, browse some pictures and then decide the contrast. 


Add some colour block curtains:


If you don't want to go all out with the walls, then adding some colour block curtains will add some funk to your house. You can DIY the colour-blocking curtains by attaching a fabric in a contrasting colour on the lower half of the curtain. Do remember to keep the colour of your walls neutral in this case.


Invest in some colourful pillows:


Every house needs some good pillows, and if you have them in fun colours, that's even better. It is the simplest way of including colour-blocking into your home. If you have plain sofas in your living room, a set of coloured cushions will add that lustre that you’re looking for. 


Paint the interiors of the cabinets:


Another fun to add some colour to your home is by painting the interiors of your cabinet or using the wallpaper. 


Say yes to wall arts:


Be it colour-blocked paintings, quirky clocks, wall hangings or posters, you can do a lot with your fall to make it look fashionable. Pick what you want to showcase and add that vibrance to your house.

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